C.R.A.S.H. Fanart

Well, I'm pleased to say that I've actually gotten some fans. And some of them happen to be ar-teests! Have a look at some C.R.A.S.H. readers' renditions of their favorite characters.

You'll notice that I've marked some of the fanart below as being an entry or winner of my annual Fanart Contest and Generated Fanart Contest. Every year I hold a fanart contest from February 19th through May 19th. You can find the rules for the contest right here. You'll also notice that some artists gave me art for Secret Santas - an art trade that happens every year for members of the 910CMX forums, which my comic happens to have its own thread in.

If you want to send me fanart, please send it to heroesofcrash@yahoo.com with the "HoC Fanart" as the e-mail subject (Unless it's for the fanart contests, in which case give it the appropriate subject as listed in the contest rules). Please DO NOT link to artwork on DeviantArt; that site's full of way too many bugs.  Also, please note that I've given every art piece its own title to make it easier to browse this page and differentiate between artists covering the same subject (And because I like writing puns into titles).

3...2...1... FIGHT! by Thereisnosaurus

This 2010 Fanart Contest Winner was created by fellow 910CMX artist Thereisnosaurus, who created the totally awesome webcomic Hero In Training. Here, Anne - a formidable fighter from his comic - tests her mettle against C.R.A.S.H.'s resident amazon. Who will win?

Appropriate...? by Ecchi Kitty

Someone by the name of Ecchi Kitty sent me this 2008 Fanart Contest Entry. I felt that it teeters on the edge of what is appropriate for this comic, but in the end I decided it was okay to be posted. Good thing this picture is non-canonical... as the guy talking to Titanium Maiden might be in need of some medical attention, soon.

Artistical Cosmical Fanart by Artistical Cosmical

This may seem like a simple sketch, but it means far more to me than that... This happens to be the FIRST HoC fanart EVER (Not counting commissions). As an artist, getting this picture was a big milestone for me. Thanks, AC! By the way, folks, he says he's willing to do requests for free, so if you'd like to make a request, send him an e-mail at mousatoure@yahoo.com

Awesome Allosaurus by Pippi

In the storyline Fight at the Museum, Dino-Mo and her friends fear that the psychotic Dr. Ludicrous is gonna bring an allosaurus to life. He didn't... a fact that our heroes find comforting. Pippi, on the other hand, being a fan of dinosaurs, couldn't help but wonder... what if he HAD brought the prehistoric beast back from the dead? Consider this picture - a 2011 Fanart Contest Winner - to be Pippi's rewrite with a raucous, rowdy, roaring, revived reptile!

Band Aid Boy's Belt Boy Birthday Bandage by Bryan

This 2008 Generated Fanart Contest Entry was done by a good friend of mine from college, named Bryan. Apparently, this picture has something to do with a character of his known as "Band Aid Boy". Don't be surprised if my rendition of this silly character winds up as a part of my comic, at least making a cameo. He'll probably be in the nurse's office...

Belt Boy and Caped Cod by Shaney

Shaney, creator of Heroes of the World and Beyond (Or HOTWAB for short), decided that he would draw Belt Boy along with Caped Cod for my 2019 Fanart Contest.  I've gotten more than a few pictures of Belt Boy, but Caped Cod is not as frequent a subject, and it's refreshing to see these two together.
Belt Boy and Cool Blurred Background by Shaney

Shaney also entered my 2020 Fanart Contest.  While Caped Cod is no longer present like in the previous year's entry, Belt Boy is looking a lot slicker, with more realistic proportions, shading, and a cool background that make him look like he's rushing to the rescue.  A true artist is constantly improving themself, and Shaney exemplifies this wonderfully.  I can only imagine what awesome art he'll come up with next!

Belt Boy Boasts a Silver Age-Inspired Style by Ken Bailey

A few months after winning my 2018 Birthday Fanart Contest with his picture of Titanium Maiden, Ken Bailey drew another of my main characters: Belt Boy. While he's now showing off a cool, retro look, Belt Boy is still very much himself. Just look at that boyish grin of his!

Belt Boy Ready for Action by Asuchan, as Comissioned by The_Kirby

For the 2013 edition of the 910CMX Forums annual Secret Santa, my giftee was The_Kirby. As a gift to me, he got Asuchan - the artist of the sadly-on-hiatus-but-very-awesome 910CMX webcomic Ruby Thursday - to draw this breathtakingly awesome picture of Belt Boy for me. He looks like he stepped out of a real animated series! Perhaps someday, HoC the Animated Series could be a real thing... *Knock on wood*!

Big Flex but Okay by David Fleming

David Fleming's webcomic, The Adventures of Ms. Rocket, features an athletic redheaded superheroine as the title character.  Is it any surprise that of all my characters, he wanted to draw Titanium Maiden for his 2019 Fanart Contest entry?  TM's typically pretty shy, particularly about her physique, but it seems that David caught her on a pretty good day where she's not afraid to show off her biceps.

B.O.N.N.I.E.B.O.T. by TheSlugCar

B.O.N.N.I.E. doesn't have a physical form, and exists as an AI inside Belt Boy's belt. But as an entry for my 2017 Fanart Contest, TheSlugCar wondered, what if she took over some Necrobot hardware to become a B.O.N.N.I.E.-B.O.T. (Belt Operation Network Neohuman with Inexplicable Emotions Battling Offline Threats)? I can tell you right now, Cannon would not be happy staring up at a lovestruck battle robot!

Cannon 2.0 by YouWillNeverKnow

Whoa... Cannon's gotten an upgrade! This is the 2010 Generated Fanart Contest Winner, which was done by YouWillNeverKnow using HeroCreator. Our favorite wisecrack-spouting superhero wishes that this upgrade would happen in the comic, but sorry... it's not in the comic's canon, Cannon. *Rimshot*

Cannon Leap by BigNoseBug

When Twitter had a Drawn In My Style hashtag, artists all over the net adapted other people's OCs (That's "Original Characters", for those who don't know) into their own artistic style. Cannon wound up getting a makeover by an artist with the Twitter handle "BigNoseBug", who happens to be a storyboard artist for Thundercats! He looks so cheerful and wholesome... of course, his friends and classmates know better!

Capestagram by Maroon Drops

Despite some tough competition, there was no doubt in my mind that this was the 2019 Fanart Contest Winner.  In addition to being a fantastic drawing of Belt Boy and Miss Sunflower, as well as creating a great social media parody app for superheroes, the text at the bottom of the screen perfectly nails Belt Boy's personality, and that was the true clincher for me.

Carnival Game Cannon by Uber

Carnival games don't always play fair. But - despite being a good guy - neither does Cannon. This is how Cannon got banned from the Tri-County Fair and Seatbelt Awareness Jamboree. Well, that and because of what is now known as "The Great Cotton Candy Incident". Uber did this picture as his submission for my 2013 Fanart Contest.

Cast of C.R.A.S.H. by The Winthrop Family

This piece of artwork unofficially tied for first place with my 2013 Fanart Contest Winner. Why unofficially? Because it was done by none other than my very own family! My parents and sister got my comic's cast pictures blown up, printed on photo-quality paper, glued to a poster, and framed as a birthday present to me. While easily one of the best bits of fanart I've ever gotten, I couldn't allow my family to be eligible for prizes in the interest of fairness, but I still couldn't resist giving them props for this great picture. The only sad thing about it is that there wasn't any room for the ultimate neglected superhero, Gelatin Boy. Poor GB...

Chibis of C.R.A.S.H. by MaroonDrops

This was the 2020 Generated Fanart Contest winner, featuring chibi-style versions of Belt Boy, Cannon, Titanium Maiden, and Enticia.  While I'm sure Titanium Maiden would enjoy being small and adorable, I suspect Cannon wouldn't enjoy being even shorter than usual (plus it's even harder for him to hit on girls and be taken seriously when he looks like a toy).

ConGRADulations by CD Rudd

CD Rudd does the 910CMX webcomic SailorSun.org, and regularly has characters from the other comics making cameos... including mine. This picture was the last panel from one of his comics - congratulating SailorSun character Honey on her graduation - and he made it into a desktop, as well as a 2012 Fanart Contest Entry. Strangely enough, this was one of two entries I got this year that referred to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Cosmical Comic by Artistical Cosmical

This comic was done by Artistical Cosmical, the same guy who created the aforementioned first piece of HoC fanart. It helped me when I needed a filler in a pinch. Seriously, this guy rocks out loud. Thanks, man!

Energy Girl and Titanium Maiden by Ken Bailey

As the creator of the beefy Energy Girl, Ken Bailey couldn't resist drawing her alongside my own muscular heroine, Titanium Maiden. This impressive drawing wound up being my 2018 Fanart Contest Winner! TM can be pretty self-conscious about her appearance, but when it comes to Cannon and loudmouths like him, she's not gonna take any guff!

Enticia's Backstory by MaroonDrops

While MaroonDrops was ineligible to enter my birthday contest's Traditional category in 2020 (having won in that category the previous year), she still wanted to send me some fan art for my birthday, and so she sent this gorgeous picture based on the events of my Confessions of a Teenage Superhero storyline I'd revealed thus far.  Not only is Enticia getting some love, but this is the first traditional fanart to depict, Daisy, Shadowy Sentinel, Mick, Lana, and Mags.
FantaSTICK Titanium Maiden by Michael VanSlyke

If you're wondering why I emphasized the word "Stick" in the title, it's because this entry for my 2020 Fanart Contest is drawn by the artist behind Nite Stick - another funny, toony webcomic that's in the Collective of Heroes.  TM's pose shows off her physique and her cutesy side by having her flex her bicep, while standing on one foot not unlike a ballerina.

FrozenChicken Fanart by FrozenChicken

Here's some Secret Santa fanart I received from 910CMX Forumer FrozenChicken. I found the festive fanart from my favorite frozen fowl to be fabulous, funny, and fantastic! Man, I love aliteration... LOVE it!

Gaia Greats by Gill

Gill is one of my best friends, and the 2011 Generated Fanart Contest Winner (It wasn't a conflict of interest, folks; she was the only entrant in that category. So stop your whinin'!). She made not one, but SIX pictures from an imitation Gaia generator. Check out the awesome pictures she made of Belt Boy, Titanium Maiden, Cannon, and Sugar Rush. She also did a self-portrait and a picture of yours truly! Sweet!

Have a C.R.A.S.H.-tastic Christmas by Desperado

At the Wotch forums during the holidays, they have a Secret Santa art exchange, in which everyone draws art for another person involved in the exchange. I got some fanart of my characters from Jonathan Urquhart, the artist behind the webcomic Super Teen Angst. I've always been a super-festive sap for the holidays, and in this picture, it seems that our heroes are, too! It seems the fact that Cannon is Jewish hasn't kept him from swiping one of Belt Boy's candy canes... heh heh! I may need to use the term "C.R.A.S.H.-tastic" in the future sometime; it has a nice ring to it!

Heroes of Ponyville by YouWillNeverKnow

The Bronies have officially invaded HoC, folks. The 2012 Generated Fanart Contest Winner sent in one of two submissions for my 2012 Fanart Contest that featured My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (The other was CD Rudd's "ConGRADulations"... see above). This generated image featured my main three heroes as ponies from the tv show - TM as a normal (If rather large) pony, Cannon as a pegasus, and Belt Boy as a unicorn. Somehow, I don't see them striking fear into the heart of criminals in this form...

HoC RPFG Fight Team by YouWillNeverKnow

YWNK was ambitious during my 2018 Fanart Contest, submitting art for both categories, and that ambition paid off, with one entry being a runner up, and this entry being the 2018 Generated Fanart Contest Winner! This impressive entry features all ten of my main and secondary student heroes, reimagined as RPG heroes!

Indestructible...? by Pippi

I was surprised and honored to receive this excellent bit of fanart from 910CMX forumer Pippi. Her artistic skills are no secret to the forumers (If you join the forums, I recommend checking out her gallery!). Anyhoo, in this picture, Titanium Maiden and Belt Boy prove that they don't make evil robot armies the way they used to anymore...!

Insanity by Daniel

In 2012, Tselsebar - creator and artist for The Wotch: Cheer! - won the fanart contest with a disturbing-yet-hilarious comic (See the piece entitled "Revelations" below). In 2013, Tselsebar temporarily handed the artistic reigns of his comic over to Daniel, and so it seems appropriate that the comic's new artist became the 2013 Fanart Contest Winner after submitting an equally disturbing-yet-hilarious comic. Of course, could we expect anything less than total insanity when Dr. Ludicrous and Gertrude get involved?

It's a Wonderful Day for Pie by Elijah Sight

Admittedly, it's not the artist, but yours truly who's responsible for titling most of these fanart pictures. I couldn't help but think of a certain Family Guy song when looking over this picture by Elijah Sight, a nother Wotch forumer who produced this piece of art shortly after becoming a fan of my comic. I'm not sure why Belt Boy's holding a pie (I'm more of a cake person, myself)... perhaps it's his latest method of semi-cartoonish, nonviolent weaponry? If so, it looks like whoever's viewing the picture better duck! Here's pie in your eye!

Jeannie Bottle Cameo by CD Rudd

I've already mentioned how Belt Boy and TM have made cameo appearances in CD Rudd's comic SailorSun.org on an occasion or two. Well, CD's got another comic, I Dream of Jeannie Bottle, and Belt Boy's made a cameo appearance there, too. Don't think that Belt Boy's a "no-brainer" because of the context of this strip; Belt Boy told me that he had simply gone into a zen-like trance after waiting in line at the post-office for so long. I counted this cameo as a submission for my 2013 Fanart Contest.

Jojo Pose TM by MaroonDrops

In addition to doing the Capestagram picture above, MaroonDrops decided to take a crack at everyone's favorite amazon, Titanium Maiden.  From what I understand, this picture was inspired by Jojo's Bizarre Adventure... which I've never gotten around to watching.  Don't give me that look; I can't binge-watch a new series and get my comic done on time each week!

Judge Cannon by Daniel

I got to meet the artist in person at KaVention 2009. Daniel was a bit dismayed that I'd never seen the movie Judge Dredd, and thus the pop-culture reference is a bit over my head, but I'm nonetheless impressed by the artwork. This is another armor upgrade that Cannon wishes was real. Don't be bummed, Cannon. As a superhero, you're still "the law", in a sense.

Jurassic Joy by Jurassic-Gothic

With a name like Jurassic-Gothic, you'd think that his first picture would be of Dino-Mo, but nope! Y'see, some time ago, I made a request on the Wotch forums to get a bit of fanart, and Jurassic-Gothic responded. Here's a drawing of my characters in a more realistic light. I really like how he made Cannon's armor look; it's awesome!

Magical Gift by Dan Butcher

The first Secret Santa gift I got as a member of the Collective of Heroes webcomic community, this picture by Dan Butcher (creator of the webcomic Vanguard) features Titanium Maiden opening a curious and apparently magical box.  What's inside?  Who knows?  You may notice Stan Lee on the packaging; after the late Stan Lee's passing in 2018, everyone inserted him into their Secret Santa pictures for that year.
Main Trio by Corey Kramer

Fellow Collective of Heroes artist (and fellow Weird Al fan) Corey Kramer decided to draw Belt Boy, Cannon, and Titanium Maiden in the style of his webcomic, Wonder Weenies for my 2020 Fanart Contest.  My characters seem very compatible with his style, as we both take a toony, angular approach to drawing characters.  My personal favorite part of this drawing may be Belt Boy's goofy, "Dudley Do-Right"-style grin, which fits his personality like a glove.

Minecraft Crack Shot by OakDruidDude

I'm one of the last few people in the world who have yet to play Minecraft, although I really want to! This 2013 Generated Fanart Contest Winner makes me want to play it all the more; who wouldn't want to play through the game as C.R.A.S.H.'s most famous wise-cracking crack-shot? If you love the game (Or if you're a Creeper or Zombie who needs to know who to stay away from!), you can check out OakDruidDude's submission by clicking on any one of these six links. Ender Dragon, beware; the Heroes of C.R.A.S.H. are on your pixelated tail!

Miss Titanium by David Fleming

In 2020, the Collective of Heroes had some fun doing superhero mash-ups, in which Collective artists would mash up CoH heroes with each other, or with mainstream heroes.  David Fleming, the artist behind The Adventures of Ms. Rocket, decided to combine my Titanium Maiden with the title character of another CoH comic, Miss Melee.  Villains beware... Miss Titanium looks ready to punch evil clear across the horizon!
Movie Posters by TheSlugCar

It's not officially my birthday unless TheSlugCar sends me some fan art!  Easily one of my most dedicated fans, their annual gift for the 2019 Fanart Contest was a trio of movie poster designs based on my heroes' outfits.  I like the simplified, streamlined design they used here, breaking down my characters into iconic symbols.  But in all honesty, I'd rather see my comic become a cartoon series than a movie; it IS the Saturday Morning webcomic, after all!

Multimedia Mix by TheSlugCar

In 2011, Gill wasn't the only fanart contest entrant who had a whopping six entries. TheSlugCar had just as many in the regular fanart category, and each one was in a different medium! His 2011 Fanart Contest Entries included a painted Caped Cod, an origami Dino-Mo, a drawing of evil versions of our main heroes, a rather sandy Gelatin Boy, a beaded B.O.N.N.I.E., and a rewrite of a comic I'd previously made. That's a whole lotta fanart!

Necros and Supreme Master by TheSlugCar

Between this and the Multimedia Mix above, TheSlugCar has sent me the most fan art of any HoC fan. So it's no suprise that TSC became the 2016 Generated Fanart Contest Winner after all that dedication! These generated avatars re-imagine Necros and suggest what the shadow-cloaked Supreme Master might look like. If you're playing a video game and you spy either of these guys gunning for you, look out! You don't mess with either of these villains!

No Waste of Paper by ThePaperWaster

"The Paper Waster" isn't the name of a Captain Planet villain... but the name of an artist. And not just any artist; the artist who just happened to be the 2008 Fanart Contest Winner! He actually submitted TWO pieces of art, but he didn't need the second one, as the first was good enough to win the prize. But check 'em both out; they're great pictures of Belt Boy and Cannon. Congrats, dude!

Pixel Cannon and Pixel Cannon 2 by 73r4u1

These were 2009 and 2011 Fanart Contest Entries, the latter being an updated version of the former. No, this isn't generated fanart; 73r4u1 actually took the time to draw these pictures of Cannon in pixelated form. That's artistic dedication you can't help but appreciate.

POWerful Right Hook by Anna Frohling

The creator of the webcomic Black Hole Badger, Anna has drawn Belt Boy ready to sock evil square in the jaw, with some onomatopoeia worthy of a superhero comic (or an Adam West Batman episode).  I like how the rosy-colored shading makes Belt Boy's whole look seem to pop out at you... of course, given that he's delivering a punch, it's a good thing he isn't actually popping out at you!  A worthy 2020 Fanart Contest entry, indeed!

Raptor Girl by Daniel

Some of you may know that dinosaurs are the ancestors of today's birds. What fewer of you may know is that many scientists believe that dinos may even have had feathers, including the mighty tyrannosaurus rex and velociraptor. I've always been tempted to incorporate that into one of Dino-Mo's designs, but never have. Well, Daniel did it for me as one of his two submissions to my 2013 Fanart Contest, and I've gotta say, it's a good look for Dino-Mo.

Revelations by Tselsebar

Tselsebar - the guy responsible for the 910CMX webcomic The Wotch: Cheer! - sent in this disturbing-but-hilarious picture and became the 2012 Fanart Contest Winner as a result. I gotta admit... I expected, eventually, to get some fanart featuring one of my characters depicted in a "cheesecakey" sort of light... but I never would've guessed that the character used here would be the first...! By the way, I LOVE the hilarious faces Enticia makes in this picture!

SailorSun Dot Org Crossover by CD Rudd

After CD has drawn me and my characters into his comics on several occasions, in 2017 he decided to do a trio of pictures, featuring my characters interacting with his. I declared him the 2017 Fanart Contest Winner for his depictions of my main trio hanging out with Bay, Honey, and... er... Auction Guy (You'd have to read the comic).

Santa Maiden by Al Fukalek

This was the second Secret Santa gift I got for the Collective of Heroes art exchange, and once again, it features a very festive Titanium Maiden.  With her Amazonian strength, she can hoist that heavy bag even if it's the weight of ten Grinches, plus two!  What's inside?  Toys for good boys and girls?  Gifts for her friends?  Or possibly some destroyed Necrobots that she's taking to the recycling center?  The only one who probably knows for certain is Al Fukalek, creator of The Specialists, and the artist behind this awesome piece.

Scary Sunflower and Sledgehammer by YouWillNeverKnow

Miss Sunflower's original design looked a bit demonic, but I wound up toning it down to make her be more of a cyborg when she finally appeared in my comic. As a runner up for my 2018 Fanart Contest, it seems that YWNK took her back to her roots, and then some! She and Sister Sledgehammer - who now looks like a spiky gladiator - look more threatening than ever! Yikes! I wonder if this change has anything to do with those crystals on Sunflower's hands...

South Park C.R.A.S.H. Staff by TheSlugCar

I like to keep my comic pretty G-rated... PG at most.  So seeing the adults of C.R.A.S.H. as South Park characters is a rather surprising sight.  Surprising or not, though, that's exactly what longtime C.R.A.S.H. contributor TheSlugCar sent in as his 2020 Generated Fanart entry.  I can't imagine that superheroes looking like this would intimidate anyone... except crab people...
Sugar Rush Strikes a Pose by David Fleming

The artist behind The Adventures of Ms. Rocket submitted this entry to my 2020 Fanart Contest, featuring Sugar Rush striking a cool pose, clutching a candy bar in her fist.  Due to some computer problems, he was unable to submit a digital art piece like last year, but he still pulled off an excellent picture of everyone's favorite candy-crazed heroine.

Ten Year Triptych by Autumnotopia

The 2016 Fanart Contest Winner had a very special picture for a very special occasion; 2016 marked the ten year anniversary of my comic! In honor of this occasion, Autumnotopia attempted a triptych - a set of three pictures that go together. She was only able to complete one section before the deadline, but Cannon asserts she got the most important part done first. If parts 2 and 3 are as good as part one, we'll be waiting with bated breath!

This Was Supposed to Be a Submarine by Silence of the Clams

This was a belated Secret Santa picture that SotC actually gave me in person at KaVention. Hey, better late than never. It has Cannon riding what was supposed to be a submarine, but turned out to be a machine resembling a tank, which is also awesome.

Three's a Crowd by Ave Messer

This 2020 Fanart Contest Entry is by another Collective of Heroes comic creator - Ave Messer of The Almighty Protectors fame.  While Titanium Maiden is front and center in this piece, being kissed by her boyfriend, Belt Boy, my favorite detail is jealous Cannon trying to nudge his way into the picture, as our leading lady is taking up both a lot of room and a lot of his best friend's attention.
Tiffany McMendell, Artist by Ken Bailey

This is the second time Ken Bailey won my annual birthday contest with a drawing of my comic's lead heroine, but this time around, he didn't draw her as the battle-ready hero-in-training Titanium Maiden, but as Tiffany McMendell, the quiet aspiring artist.  This piece was my 2020 Fanart Contest Winner not merely because of the fantastic art, but because it captures TM's personality.  Also, I can't help but notice that the subject of her artwork is Ken's own amazonian heroine, EnergyGirl...!

To Be Legends by Artistical Cosmical

AC's given me my first fanart picture, as well as my first fan comic. But this time, he stepped up his game and became the 2009 Fanart Contest Winner with this awesometastic picture of all the Heroes of C.R.A.S.H. as adults - and as legendary heroes. Definitely loving the updated costumes, and putting me snoozing in a corner was a nice touch. This may be my most famous fanart I've gotten, as it graced my front page for much of 2009 during an unexpected hiatus.

Wardrobe Malfunction by Tselsebar

Fellow 910CMX webcomic artist Tselsebar - the guy behind The Wotch: Cheer! - made this hilarious picture of Belt Boy, Cannon, and Titanium Maiden, surrounded by Necrobots. Of all two-million-and-one functions in Belt Boy's utility belt, Tselsebar reminds us what the most important function is...

Webcomic Awards Gala by CD Rudd

Yet another fine piece - and another cool crossover - from CD Rudd!  This entry for my 2019 Fanart Contest features his characters from SailorSun.Org and my characters at some sort of webcomic awards gala.  I'm not sure what awards such a gala would give out, but I'm fairly certain that Belt Boy won an award for Coolest Goggles - not every webcomic character can wear goggles with a tuxedo and pull it off!

Wonderful Wrasslin' Entertainment by Chris (Note: The preceeding links to YouTube)

Chris is my best friend, the inspiration for Cannon, and the winner of the 2009 Generated Fanart Contest (Once again, no conflict of interest here, folks. It was the only entry. Funny... the easier of the two categories to enter tends to be the more neglected of the two each year.). He made my main trio in the create-a-wrestler mode for the video game WWE Day of Reckoning. Even awesomer, he put up a video of them wrestling on YouTube, with Weird Al Yankovic's parody song The Rye or the Kaiser playing in the background. My best friend, my heroes, wrestling, and Weird Al. Can you ask for anything more? I think not.

YouWillNeverKnow How Much I Appreciate Fanart by YouWillNeverKnow

A 2010 Fanart Contest Entry by a forum regular. Y'know, it's funny... we keep seeing Belt Boy wearing his signature goggles on his forehead... but you never really see him wear them on his eyes. YouWillNeverKnow however, dared to put those goggles in their rightful place.



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