Presents don't need to cost a lot of money to impress me. Sometimes, all you need to do is feed my ego. So for my birthday each year, my ego prepares to go out and stuff its face so that it can hibernate during the Winter of Poor Self-Esteem. Of course, I am referring to my Annual Birthday Contest!  Here are the rules:

How to Enter

Step 1: Create some awesome fan art or a fan avatar

Step 2: Attach said awesome fan piece to an e-mail with the subject "Birthday Fanart Contest - [Name of Category]"

Step 3: Send that e-mail to

Step 4: Tell all your friends how awesome The Heroes of C.R.A.S.H. is (Optional)


Traditional Fan Art Category

Traditional Fan Art means any art that you've painted/drawn/sculpted/etc. You could send drawings, sketches, paintings, pixel art, sculptures, or decorated cupcakes. Your medium could be pencil, pen, crayon, charcoal, clay, Play-Doh, Model Magic, jelly beans, metal, gelatin... whatever! Just no A.I. art.  That stuff's bogus, and will not be accepted or even liked.  Still, if art's not your thing, there's always the...


Fan Avatar Category

A "fan avatar" means that you've created a character using a video game (Such as a Mii or a wrestler from a WWE game) or some sort of online character creator (Like Hero Machine or Gaia Online). Essentially if someone else has created the art assets and allowed you to use the pre-made goggles, cape, helmet, tights, etc. and color them appropriately, then it's eligible for this category. This category requires very little in the way of artistic skills, so it's pretty easy to enter.



1. The winner of the Traditional Fan Art category will have their art posted on the main page, and they get to choose the next HoC Desktop (As long as they keep it appropriate - no gratuitous sex/violence - and keep it HoC-related).

2. The winner of the Fan Avatar Category will also have their creation posted on the website, and they will get a special filler drawn based on their submission.

3. Any contestants who follow the rules but don't win the main prizes will each win a surprise character sketch to be sent via e-mail (It could be a digital sketch of one of my characters, but I could just as well draw something based on your avatar, username, or - if you're another webcomic artist whose work I'm familiar with - one of your own characters...! You won't know unless you enter!)

4. All contestants' submissions deemed appropriate are guaranteed to be put on the Fan Art Gallery page


Submission Guidelines

1. All submissions MUST be received by 11:59PM EST on May 19th! If you don't send it in time, you won't be eligible for prizes. Sorry!

2. Please e-mail all submissions as stated above in the "How to Enter" section. Do I need to repeat myself?

3. All submissions must be Heroes of C.R.A.S.H.-related. DUH! It's a FAN ART contest!

4. No adult material will be accepted. Keep it G-rated. PG at the most. PG-13 is majorly pushin' it.

5. Last year's winners are NOT eligible to win prizes in the same category in which they previously won (In other words, if you won the Traditional Fan Art contest last year, you can only win the Fan Avatar contest this year, or vice-versa).

6. I said it before, and I'll say it again... NO A.I. ART.  Also, no NFTs, either.

7. NOTE: Unless you specify otherwise, I will use your username/e-mail name when I credit you as the artist of your work on my Fanart Gallery page. If you prefer to go by any other name, please mention it in the body of your e-mail!


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