Want to check out a particular storyline, but not in the mood to search through the entire history of the strip from beginning to end? Well, fear no more! What we have here is the Plotline Archive. Think of it as the table of contents in a book, except you can click onto the chapter you want, rather than having to turn pages and risk horrible papercuts.

WARNING: Under each chapter title, you'll find info on what happens in that chapter. If you read ahead, you might stumble upon SPOILERS!


The First Day, Part 1: Heroes Unite!

Welcome to the Captain Royal Academy of Super Heroism! It is here at C.R.A.S.H. that our tale begins, and our trio of heroes unite for the first time. There's love, war... and art and writing that I promise will get better as the comic goes on. Really.


The First Day, Part 2: He Was Axe-ing For It

You know that you've got a strict teacher when you get an axe thrown at your head for being late and teleported into battle against a giant robot for talking in class! And it's only the first class of the first day! Battle Axe Beatrix certainly lives up to her name, but perhaps our heroes can pass - or at least survive - her class with a little help from a peculiar A.I. program with a thing for Cannon...!


The First Day, Part 3: This Class Blows

This story may feature the most boring teacher in C.R.A.S.H. (and quite possibly anywhere else), but some drama amongst the students keeps things lively. Belt Boy is rejected by Titanium Maiden for unknown reasons, a femme fatale by the name of Enticia unsuccessfully attempts to seduce Belt Boy, and Cannon shows off his womanizing prowess. Well, maybe "prowess" is too strong a word.


The First Day Part 4: The Obligatory Origin Story Flashback

Titanium Maiden decides to give Belt Boy another chance, and gets told about his and Cannon's superhero origin story. It's a yellow-hued flashback, featuring a science fair, irradiated vegetables, and mutated rodents. Titanium Maiden may have changed her tune about Belt Boy - and even shares her own origins with him - but her attitude towards Enticia is a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle less friendly...!


The First Day Part 5: Scares, Sunflowers, and Sentinels

Our heroes meet up with two teachers who are pleasant for a change - the mischievous-but-wise Professor Klawroc and the villainess-turned-heroine-turned-nervous-teacher Shadowy Sentinel - while we are introduced to some wannabe baddies, led by the short-tempered but hilariously-named Miss Sunflower.


The First Day Part 6: After-School Smack-tivities

Miss Sunflower and her lackluster lackey league try to take on our heroes, but turn out to be merely the opening act for a far greater threat. Our heroes return home, but the fear of their mysterious new foe lingers in their minds. We also catch a glimpse of a rather different side of Enticia.


Yellow Vs. Blue

The second day of school (FINALLY!) begins, and Enticia introduces Belt Boy and company to two of her boyfriends, Jackknife and Unk, in a practice drill involving an exploding building, simulated victims, and some smaller, color-coded versions of their old robot "friend". Can our heroes beat Enticia's team in a robot-rescue race? Or will they find new meaning in the term "coming in dead last"?


Ally Need is Love

This plotline is all about alliances! Our trio makes some new allies in Dino-Mo and her friends, Enticia attempts make Belt Boy an ally by beating him in combat, and a surprising alliance is formed which might spell unintentional trouble for Belt Boy. The phrase "choose your friends wisely" is particularly apt when you attend a school for superheroes!


The Dating Scheme

Belt Boy and Titanium Maiden go out on their first date. Belt Boy has dinner and a movie planned, but Cannon and Enticia have plans of their own. Can Belt Boy and Titanium Maiden share a romantic evening, or will Cannon and Enticia succeed in sabotaging their date (for Belt Boy's "own good", of course)?


Misguided Tour

Titanium Maiden and Cannon visit Belt Boy in his secret laboratory, hidden in a wooden area deep beneath a... port-a-potty. Ew. Anyhoo, Belt Boy plans to give his girlfriend a tour of the place, but it's stopped short when the comic viewers demand some action to finally get sta- er, I mean, when Miss Sunflower and her cohorts attack. Can our heroes keep the villains from discovering Belt Boy's base?


Van-Ishing Act

Enticia's begun questioning the use and nature of her powers, and suspects Belt Boy might be able to help her learn more about them. However, he and his friends have their hands full tracking down a mysterious white van that seems to have a connection to an equally mysterious enemy.


Even A Rose Has Her Thorns

Two of Enticia's boyfriends - Unk and Jackknife - attempt to find the location of Belt Boy's lab, where Enticia tells the tale of how she got her powers. It's a tale of mystery, intrigue, betrayal, revenge, and really, really bad plant puns. We also get to meet Enticia's family, including her hot mom.


Cod Almighty

What begins as a normal trip home from the comic book store becomes an adventure when Belt Boy, Cannon, and Titanium Maiden run afoul of HMN-Type Necrobot 1314. After a huge battle, our heroes rescue a mutant fish from 1314's clutches. What do the Necrobots want with a fish? Is this aquatic creature a fishy friend or a finned foe? And will this story have a lot of lame fish puns?


Fight at the Museum

During the events of "Cod Almighty", Dino-Mo and her friends were having an adventure of their own! A fun trip to the museum becomes a battle for survival when a villain who truly puts the "mad" in "mad scientist" (And by "mad", I don't mean angry!) decides to pick up a museum souvenir that isn't found in any gift shop. Can Dino-Mo save her father and his exhibit? Will Sugar Rush and Dodge stop making out long enough to help out? And will Gelatin Boy prove that being made of a jiggly dessert actually ISN'T the lamest superpower in history?


Gym Nauseum

Our heroes decide to check out the C.R.A.S.H. Fitness Center for various reasons. Belt Boy attempts meditation with guidance from Unk. Cannon and Jackknife try to settle their rivalry with a not-so-friendly competition. Dodge helps Gelatin Boy on his quest to find something remotely athletic that he can do. Titanium Maiden, Sugar Rush, and Dino-Mo decide to work on their agility in a giant parkour course, with Enticia tagging along. Dino-Mo's temper erupts when she finally confronts Enticia about her boyfriend harem, but the Supreme Master and Necros are ready to ensure that the eruptions don't stop there! Can our heroes excercise some teamwork and get out of this mess? Or will the fitness center prove hazardous to our heroes' health?

Perfection Dejection

Having been unnecessary in the attempt to remove Titanium Maiden from a perilous situation in our last adventure, Belt Boy fears that he's useless as a leader, which opens up some insecurities. Now obsessed with being a perfect leader, Belt Boy goes overboard trying to help all his friends with their problems at once. But taking on too many responsibilities proves not only overwhelming, but dangerous as he encounters an old foe or two...! Can Belt Boy face his demons? Will his friends be able to help themselves? Or will this prove the perfect recipe for disaster?

Confessions of a Teenage Superhero

Belt Boy and Enticia realize they both need to talk to someone about their past traumas.  Enticia talks to C.R.A.S.H. counselor Shadowy Sentinel about her old life before she got her powers, and the two friends she used to know.  At the same time, Belt Boy reveals to Titanium Maiden that Cannon once had... a girlfriend!  But what happened to Enticia's friends and Cannon's sweetheart?  What lingering emotional issues haunt our teen heroes?  And who in their right mind would date Cannon in the first place?  Prepare for some tears amidst the laughs for this story, as we delve into some of Belt Boy and Enticia's most painful memories and reveal some surprising origin stories...!

Mission: Impastable

Story in progress; check for details soon!



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