Fanart by Yours Truly

I'm not always the fanartEE, sometimes I'm the fanartER. Okay, neither of those are real words. But seriously, sometimes I like something so much I gotta make fanart of it m'self. Here's some artwork I did to show my fandom for friends, fellow artists, 910CMX community members, video games, pop culture, professional wrestlers, etc.

I'd like to mention that I make NO claims to own anything depicted on this page, save for my own Heroes of C.R.A.S.H. characters. After all, that's why it's FANart and not ORIGINAL art. I've done my best to put what I believe to be the correct copyright information down for each picture; if any information is incorrect, please let me know.


910CMX Group Shot - A Work in Progress

A daunting effort to draw characters from ALL the webcomics on the 910CMX forums. I've got three sets of characters ready so far, which I'll eventually combine into one huge picture once I've finished the other characters. How long it'll take to do the rest... well, it's hard to say. But for now, check out Part One, Part Two, and Part Three of this work-in-progress.

All 910CMX characters are the copyrighted property of their respective owners

Amazonian Gladiator

Okay, I'll admit it. I liked that newly-revived, short-lived American Gladiators show. I couldn't help but draw one of my own characters in Gladiator garb... and it was pretty easy to decide who to draw. Let's face it; with the female gladiators on this show, she might feel normal-sized.

American Gladiators and the American Gladiators logo are the copyrighted property of NAME

Azzy Hangin' Out

Azalea's the alter-ego of a forumer on the 910CMX forums, and it seems to be a rite of passage for artists on the forums to draw her. Colorful hair, four arms... definitely a fun character to draw. Here, I decide to make use of Azzy's multiple arms. I wish Nintendo would really sell a mushroom stool like that...

Azalea is the copyrighted property of her anonymous creator

Bonnie N. Collide's Tire Damage

One comic that I discovered at the Comic Geek Speak Super Show back in 2011 was Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five - the story of a girl who works in an office by day, but is a roller derby player by night. She made a request for fanart and - since I was hoping for fanart from my own readers for my annual Fanart Contest this year, I felt that I should show the support I wished to be shown, and drew up this picture for creator Monica Gallagher. It's a bit sillier and toonier than her comic is (There's nothing unrealistic about it... outside of the werewolf who works in Bonnie's office), but she greatly enjoyed it, noting that I tried to make her a bit buff, as an athlete should be. She wound up posting it on her site and giving me a shout-out, too! I highly recommend her comic, so check out the Links page!

Bonnie N. Collide is the copyrighted property of Monica Gallagher

Cheer's 5-5-5 Anniversary

This picture celebrates the 5-year, 5-month, 5-day anniversary of The Wotch: Cheer! by Tselsebar. Of course, since the comic focuses mainly on FOUR cheerleaders, I had to throw in a fifth one to go with the theme. I couldn't help but volunteer a character from my own comic...!

The Wotch: Cheer! and its characters are the copyrighted property of Anne Onymous, Robin Ericson, and Tselsebar

Chris Rocks

This was a filler picture that I made of my best bud Chris, the inspiration for Cannon and the guy who keeps helping me out with my computer problems. He's saved my proverbial bacon more than I can count. He's a fan of the comic... and of this picture, which he'd actually posted up at his workplace. Thank you Chris... you truly are... a Hero of C.R.A.S.H.!


Clue-less CMXers

I drew this little doodle at Ka-Vention 2009, featuring characters from several 910CMX comics as characters from the famed board game Clue.

All 910CMX Characters are the copyrighted property of their respective characters. Clue and its characters are the copyrighted property of NAME COMPANY.


After hearing that Crossworlds artist Darin Brown was feeling a bit down, I decided to cheer him up with a little fanart, partially inspired by one of my favorite SNL gags. I simply couldn't resist. After all... I have a fever... and the only cure... is MORE COWBELLE!

Diva Who Rocks, Wrestler with Socks

Some fanart I'd planned to give to two wrestlers I wanted to meet at Wizard World Philadelphia one year. I got to see Christie Hemme and give her my drawing of her, but Holy Moley, I missed Mick Foley. C'est la vie...

EGS is Welcomed to the 910CMX Community

El Goonish Shive was the comic that inspired the Wotch. The Wotch started the 910CMX community. Then the 910CMX community began to host El Goonish Shive. How amusingly cyclical! Anyhoo, I welcomed Dan Shive and his comic to the community with this little drawing right here. He's often joked about turning his one character Susan into an armadillo, so I finally did something about it.

El Goonish Shive, Minion, and Susan are the copyrighted property of Dan Shive

Game Over - A Tribute to the Late Captain Lou Albano

You may remember him as a former wrestler, but - being the animation fan that I am - I remember him as the voice of the world's most famous Italian plumber for the Saturday morning cartoon, The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. Rest in peace, man.

Super Mario is the copyrighted property of Nintendo

Good and Evil

Over the years, I've gotten a lot of advice from fellow webcomic artist, fellow Wizard World attendee, and fellow Pennsylvanian Brad Guigar (Pronounced "Guy-grr"), who makes the awesome webcomic Evil Inc. I couldn't resist paying homage to him with this fanart of superhero Captain Heroic and his secret wife, the supervillain Miss Match.

Evil Inc. and all its characters are the copyrighted property of Brad Guigar

Heroes in a Half-Shell

My favorite childhood superheroes were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They proved that you could be funny and STILL be a superhero. It's no stretch to say that they helped inspire my artistic endeavors, especially HoC. When they celebrated their 25th anniversary, I simply had to honor them the best way I knew how. Cowabunga!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and all related characters are the creations of Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, and are the copyrighted property of Nickelodeon

HiT Meets HoC

This fanart is actually a desktop I have available on the Downloadables page. After winning the 2010 Fanart Contest, Thereisnosaurus was given the prize of choosing the subject of the next HoC Desktop. He said he wanted a crossover picture featuring characters from my comic as well as his - Hero in Training (See my links page!). Here's my Cannon and his Coop giving an unknown threat what-for! Or maybe they're just showing off for some girls.

Hero in Training and all its characters are the copyrighted property of Thereisnosaurus

Joining the 910CMX Forums

This filler announced HoC getting its own section on the 910CMX Forums, and features several characters from the 910CMX webcomic community. I'd especially like to thank Thom Khatt and Darin Brown for helping me to get my own forum. You guys ROCK.

All 910CMX Community characters are the copyrighted property of their respective owners.

Karaoke Nite

A little fanart for a certain less-than-angelically-voiced Angel of St. Thomas. I never liked that song she's singing, which is why I've got her singing it. You may notice several other 910CMX community characters sitting at the tables suffering through her cacophonous performance. I liked pairing a certain gooey gal from The Wotch with a certain gooey guy from my own comic. I think they make a cute couple. Don't you?

All 910CMX Community characters are the copyrighted property of their respective owners.

Ka-Vention! '09

Ka-Vention! is an annual gathering of members of the 910CMX forums. In 2009, it took place in good ol' Philly. I couldn't help but draw up an unofficial logo, featuring Belt Boy and Carlita - the title character of Tweener's The Angel of St. Thomas (Another webcomic whose creator was in attendence).

The Angel of St. Thomas and Carlita are the copyrighted property of Tweener

Mr. and Mrs. Inker

A little fanart for 910CMX forumer Phantom-Inker for his wedding day. Aww... how sweet!

Phantom-Inker is the copyrighted property of his anonymous creator

Number One Phan

Is there any surprise who I was hoping would win the World Series? This picture was based off of a picture I'd posted in the 910CMX Gallery during the unexpected 2009 hiatus; the original was a scan of a pencil drawing.

The Phillies are the copyrighted property of MLB

Sailor Sun Guest Comic Part One, Part Two, Part Three, and Part Four is a webcomic about what goes on behind the scenes of the 910CMX comics. So far, the cast of The Heroes of C.R.A.S.H. hadn't made an appearance (Although they had been alluded to more than once)... so I made this little four-part guest comic. Creator CD Rudd was rather pleased with this comic; some time later, Titanium Maiden would find herself making a cameo in a totally canonical SailorSun storyline. and all its characters are the copyrighted property of CD Rudd

Sam's New Outfit Submissions

Fellow 910CMX comic artist John Lotshaw is a well-respected artist, having worked on Accidental Centaurs for years (Although it recently got a reboot) and earning a name for himself within and outside the 910CMX community for his excellent work. When he held a contest to design a new top for his comic's female lead, Sam, I jumped at the chance. I actually submitted a whopping six designs, and #2 wound up winning! Although at the time of my writing this, the new top hasn't shown up in the comic just yet (It'll most likely appear by the end of the storyline), I'm majorly looking forward to it, and consider it a serious honor. Be sure to check out Accidental Centaurs, which you can find on my links page!

Sam and Accidental Centaurs are the copyrighted property of John Lotshaw

Secret Santa - Celtic Minstrel

With a name like Celtic Minstrel, I couldn't resist this little visual pun. Also, Belt Boy looks quite dapper in his minstrel outfit, don't you think? Random trivia: back in junior high, I did a few comics for the school newspaper. One of the characters always wore a sports jersey with a negative number, and I decided to bring that gag back for this filler (Also, it would ascertain that Cannon wasn't wearing any player's number).

The Boston Celtics are the copyrighted property of the NBA.

Secret Santa - Gaghskull

This Secret Santa picture was inspired by forumer Gaghskull's orc avatar, as well as one of the awesomest video games ever: Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Here we see Belt Boy (As Pit) and Gagh (As Kirby) on one of my favorite stages: the cartoonish Yoshi's Island stage.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Pit, Kirby, and Yoshi's Island are all the copyrighted property of Nintendo.

Secret Santa - Jeff Langcaon

This picture was from my first Secret Santa with the Collective of Heroes community, whereas most of my previous Secret Santa pictures were for members of the 910CMX community.  His webcomic, Henchmen for Hire, is about the misadventures of a trio of henchmen who work for whichever supervillain shells out the cash.  I couldn't resist having his henchmen work for one of Christmas' most notorious would-be villains.  Did you notice that two toys bear a striking resemblence to Stan Lee and one of my comic's heroes...?

Henchmen for Hire and all related characters are the copyrighted property of Jeff Langcaon.  The Grinch is the copyrighted property of Dr. Seuss's estate.

Secret Santa - KnightWotcher

When I saw that I'd be doing a Secret Santa picture for 910CMX forumer KnightWotcher, the first thing that sprang to mind was the homophonically-named Nightwatcher - Raphael's armor-clad, vigilante alter-ego in the 2007 movie TMNT. As Raphael is my favorite Ninja Turtle - and the Raphael from the original cartoon is my favorite cartoon character of all time - I decided to incorporate "classic cartoon" Raph dressed in 2007 Raph's Nightwatcher costume into this holiday gift. I love being a turtle... fan.

Raphael and Nightwatcher are the creations of Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, and are the copyrighted property of Nickelodeon

Secret Santa - Logos

For this Secret Santa picture, i t was either do a gag based on a bunch of corporate logos or this one, and I decided to do the one with fewer copyrights to deal with. Man, I wish there was a HoC Lego set...

Lego (the toy) is the copyrighted property of Lego (the company)

Secret Santa - VkmSpouge

This Secret Santa giftee was known for his Garfield avatar on the forums. I mimicked Jim Davis' art style and brought in a little Wotch magic to make this picture featuring Belt Boy, The Wotch's Anne Onymous, and America's favorite cat-turned-car-window-ornament ever.

Anne Onymous (the character) and The Wotch are the copyrighted property of Anne Onymous (the creator), and Robin Ericson. Garfield is the copyrighted property of Jim Davis and PAWS Inc.

Secret Santa - Web of Wonders

Belt Boy sings his own rendition of the Spider-Man theme in this Secret Santa picture for Spidey afficianado Web of Wonders. It's almost as catchy as a certain song sung by a certain bald, overweight, canary-yellow-skinned cartoon dad about a certain pig with spider-powers in a certain long-awaited animated film...

Spider-Man is the copyrighted property of Stan Lee and Marvel (Not that I think I really legally need to mention it, as this is more of a parody, but still, better safe than sorry)

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

I'm not copying any characters in this picture; rather, I'm trying to mimic the style of other artists. Here, I've drawn Belt Boy as Theodore "Dr. Seuss" Geisel, Matt Groening, and Jim Davis might have drawn him. It's a rather fun artistic excercise to draw a familiar character in an entirely different style, and I'd recommend it to any budding cartoonist.

A Sister Claire Christmas

Another webcomic - Sister Claire: Pregnant Nun, Holy Crap! - had a holiday fanart contest that I entered. While I didn't win, my submission was noteworthy, or at least I thought so. In addition to being Sister Claire fanart, it's also an homage to my favorite Christmas Special of all time, right down to the artistic style. I like to think that if they were still alive, Charles Schulz and Lee Mendelson would be proud.

This Pic was Bound to Happen

The title says it all.

She-Hulk is the copyrighted property of Marvel


I admit it... I'm one of those people who gets all his news from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Although I've been fortunate enough to see the former in person, I can't say the same for the latter. So here's an awesome sketch of him in my classic "mango" drawing style.

Wii Miss You Polymer City

One of the first webcomics I discovered was Polymer City Chronicles... a webcomic that began as a comedic, video game industry-mocking comic, but eventually evolved into something more dramatic and plot-driven. Although it's gone on a hiatus for the past few years, I still wanted to pay respects to a comic that was the partial inspiration for Titanium Maiden (This comic features the only gal in webcomics buffer than our resident Amazon) and hearken back to its video game joke-based roots.

Polymer City Chronicles and all its characters are the copyrighted property of C. Morrison

You Gotta Know When to Hold 'Em

While playing card games at Ka-Vention in 2009, I was inspired to draw this picture. Let's hope that Lenny the genie doesn't realize that Cannon's cheating, or he's in for a magic-based hurtin' for certain.

All 910CMX Characters are the copyrighted property of their respective owners


It was almost Halloween, and I couldn't resist.

Scooby-Doo and all its characters are the copyrighted property of Hanna-Barbera


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