But First, A Word of Caution...

All right, all right... hold your horses. You are about to leave the Heroes of C.R.A.S.H. website in order to check out Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. Those websites, of course, have millions of people logged in, all uploading content. While Josh likes to keep things pretty G- or PG-rated on this website, the same can't be said for everyone on Facebook. There may be people who are rude, offensive, or downright malicious out there. Josh will also be responding to posts that may be more adult in nature than what he likes to show on his website - posts that may involve swear words, complex adult issues, or even *shudder* ...politics. Not stuff for the young and naive, like elementary school kids... or Belt Boy.

If you choose to visit these social media sites, do so at your own risk. I think I'm giving you ample warning, here, so beware, and don't come whining to me if you find anything or anyone you don't like (or if you get in trouble with your parents), cuz it won't be my fault.

If you are not old enough to visit social media websites without adult supervision, please return to the main page. Otherwise, you may proceed to the Social Media Links page.