A Word of Caution...

The page you're about to read has comics that might not be suitable for younger readers, uptight people, squeamish folk, and the like. Why? Because the comics are rated PG-13 or R, like at the movies. Y'know, "Parental Guidance suggested for viewers under 13", or "Restricted"? All that jazz? That's the deal here. The comics beyond this point may have the following:


So if you click the link below that says that you're willing to check out the PG-13/R links, and it warps your fragile little mind - or if you get in trouble with your parents or other adult authority - don't blame me. I warned you. A lot.

But if you're a mature adult - or if you've gotten the consent of a legal guardian who thinks you're pretty well-adjusted, go right ahead. Each link's been labeled with its own maturity rating and why it's got that rating, so if you're a concerned parent, someone in public who doesn't want mature content showing up on their screen where anyone can see it, or just someone who isn't in the mood to see any blood and gore, then these ratings will help you figure out what to read.


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