Name: Yin and Yang

Also Known As : Aliases Unknown

Alignment: Evil

Powers: Can give each other a power boost by touching palms

Skills: Annoying Miss Sunflower

Job: Henchpersons

Likes: Yin - Rampaging, running amok, going wild; Yang - Excercising his mind, evil plans, bossing his counterpart around, following Miss Sunflower's orders

Hates: Being controlled, Yang's attitude; Yang - Things being out of control, Yin's less-than-sophisticated nature

Objectives: To be great villains alongside their teammates

Personality: Yin - Wild, hedonistic, to the point; Yang - Controlled, restrained, verbose


As their names and costumes suggest, Yin (The one with the frowny face) and Yang (The one with the smiley face) are total opposites of each other. Yin seems to represent instinct, while Yan seems to represent intellect. Yin yearns to do whatever he pleases, whenever he pleases. Yang helps keep Yin under control, and helps the pair to come up with plans during battle (He might be promoted to group tactician... if Miss Sunflower would ever let him, which ain't likely). It's unknown whether these two are brothers, two halves of one entity, or two completely unrelated people who seem to have become bound together by destiny. Who knows?

Yin and Yang have marks on their palms. When these marks touch, the two can power up one another; they get a boost in strength, defensive abilities, and speed, and even get healed a bit. Granted, they won't become SUPER-strong or SUPER-fast, but it's often enough of a boost to make them a force to be reckoned with, especially if they use their powers more than once during battle.

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