Name: Unk

Also Known As : That really big orange guy

Alignment: Good

Powers: Super-strength, a limited degree of invulnerability

Skills: Meditation

Job: Hero-in-training (As a student of C.R.A.S.H.), one of Enticia's boyfriends

Likes: Tanning, Enticia, flexing, meditation, poetry

Hates: People assuming he's dumb, being dragged into Jackknife's foolish schemes

Objectives: Unknown, but presumably being a hero is one of them

Personality: "The strong, silent type", but seems to be nice as far as Enticia's lackeys go, pretty mellow


Unk's role as one of Enticia's boyfriends is hard to figure out. Being tall, strong, bronzed, and handsome, one might guess that his primary function is being just arm candy to the leather-clad diva, and that his secondary function is providing some muscle when needed. Knowing Enticia, this may be true, but he may have some hidden depths to him. He's fairly quiet, but the few times he's opened his mouth, he's proven to be reasonably intelligent. So much for the theory that' he's just a muscle-head.

Jackknife seems to drag Unk into many of his hair-brained schemes, despite Unk's better judgement. He'll even disobey direct orders from Enticia under Jackknife's influence, despite the fact that he seems to like Enticia much more. Perhaps Unk hates to argue with Jackknife. Maybe Unk wants to keep an eye on him so he doesn't get into any serious trouble. In any event, you'll usually see the two of them together.

Like Titanium Maiden, Unk's superpower is super-strength, which is why Enticia decided to use him to counter Titanium Maiden's strength when her crew first competed against Belt Boy's. It's unknown as of yet how his strength compares to that of Titanium Maiden's, and whether there might be any other differences between the powers of the two.


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