Name: Titanium Maiden

Also Known As : TM, Tiffany McMendell, "Chickzilla"

Alignment: Good

Powers: Super-strength, somewhat invulnerable

Skills: Has a "sixth sense" about people, budding artist

Job: Hero-in-training (As a student of C.R.A.S.H.)

Likes: Being able to help others, shopping, anime/manga, drawing, swimming, Belt Boy

Hates: Evil-doers, feeling inadequate, her new amazonian appearance, when Cannon mouths off at her, parents who put their children on leashes

Objectives: To become a heroine, to fit in, to become comfortable in her new Amazonian skin

Personality: Level-headed, shy, slow to anger (Unless around Cannon), cautious, caring, empathetic, self-conscious


Upon seeing Titanium Maiden, one might think she's brutish or dumb. Nothing could be further from the truth. Both feminine and smart, Titanium Maiden is actually just your average teenage girl trapped in the body of an Amazon. With a tall stature and buff physique beyond belief, many people are intimidated by her. She seems to take this personally, and has some body image issues as a result. People who get to know her soon discover that she's really a gentle giant. Despite some early setbacks, she and Belt Boy hit it off rather quickly, and make an "adorkable" couple.

Tiffany doesn't like to talk about her past all that much; what little she's willing to discuss she's chosen to tell only Belt Boy. What is known about her is that she lost her mother while she was very young, and that she has trust issues due to some so-called "friends" who took advantage of her when she gained her superpowers. She got her powers fairly suddenly due to the "Amazon gene" kicking in when she reached a certain age, changing her from a beanpole into a wall of muscle. She's still getting used to her new look, but Belt Boy and all her new friends at C.R.A.S.H. are making the transition a bit easier.

Despite the alacrity of her transformation, she seems to have gotten the hang of her powers rather quickly. She knows how to gauge her strength rather well; she can choose to be as gentle as a kitten... or as a steam roller. Her signature move is the "Double-Fisted Titanium Slam" (Or just the "Titanium Slam" for short), in which she jumps into the air, cups one fist with her other hand, and slams them down to hammer her foe into the ground like a tent peg. She's also a real team player, and her super-strength works out very well when supported by other heroes' powers. She often helps the team keep a level head, but tends to lose her cool when Cannon pushes her buttons. Clearly, she doesn't recognize Cannon's "in-your-face charm" like I do.


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