Name: Supreme Master

Alignment: Evil

Powers: Unknown

Job: Mysterious, shadowy figure; supervillain mastermind

Likes: Evil speeches, laughing maniacally, generally reveling in his own wickedness

Hates: Losing, getting criticized on the aforementioned evil speeches

Objectives: Unknown, but probably something about world domination. You know how these villain types are.

Personality: Evil and proud of it

Little is known about this mysterious figure. Belt Boy and company learned about him from a Necrobot. All that we know so far is that he's got some really nasty underlings: Necros and an army of skeletal robots known as Necrobots. I guess that also suggests that he's got a thing for skeletons, too, but maybe he just settled on a traditional villain motif. In any event, this guy's bad news. Belt Boy's made it his personal mission to discover what the Supreme Master's identity and goals are, so I guess that means it's my mission to update this Bio Page when he finds out!


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