Name: Miss Sunflower

Also Known As : Aliases Unknown

Alignment: Evil

Powers: Solar-powered armor with sunbeam-blasters and jet boots

Skills: Yelling, fighting... and that's about it

Job: Leader of teen supervillain gang

Likes: Evil, villainy, being feared, causing fear, causing pain, blasting whatever targets she wants

Hates: People giggling at her name, when people doubt her ability to plan evil schemes, Belt Boy, Titanium Maiden, Cannon

Objectives: To prove herself the most evil villain around

Personality: Angry, aggressive, trigger-happy, short-tempered, egotistical, passionate about evil


Not much is known about Miss Sunflower, besides her goofy name and far less-laughable demeanor. Heck, she puts the "mean" in demeanor! She leads a rag-tag team of villain wannabes in the hopes of becoming a legendary supervillain. The only insight into her past is her briefly mentioning that her parents intended the armor to help the environment; unfortunately, Miss Sunflower has less eco-friendly goals in mind.

While her temper makes her seem a lot more evil to ally and foe alike, it makes her a lot less efficient as a villain. Her plots seem a bit half-baked, and she refuses to accept that she is anything less than a brilliant tactician. Anyone who doubts her planning skills will be promptly blasted, as will anyone who disagrees with her, laughs at her name, looks at her funny, whistles too loudly around her, or simply happens to exist within the range of her attacks.

Despite her poor critical thinking skills and silly name, Miss Sunflower is still a dangerous enemy. Her armor absorbs solar energy and stores it in the tanks on her back. That energy is then used to power up her jet boots or directly fired at opponents. She will also slash and swipe with her gauntlets like a wild animal. Her attacks aren't graceful or well-choreographed, but they are savage and relentless. Whatever you do, don't get on her bad side unless you have superpowers.

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