Name: Sugar Rush

Also Known As : Ruth, Dodge's girlfriend

Alignment: Good

Powers: Supercharged energy/speed/agility/defense whenever she eats sugar

Skills: Fast-thinker, encourages others

Job: Hero-in-training (As a student of C.R.A.S.H.)

Likes: Candy, soda, pastries, sucrose, fructose... basically sugar in general

Hates: Foods that are more bitter or bland than sweet, relaxing, tranquility

Objectives: Other than to be a heroine, unknown (When asked about her goals, she spoke too quickly for anyone to understand a thing she was saying)

Personality: Outgoing, warm, supportive, and h yper, hyper, HYPER!


This girl brings more than just gender balance to Dino-Mo's team. Sugar Rush is fueled by - big surprise here - sugar, and has enough energy to power Las Vegas. She talks incredibly quickly and it's often tricky to understand what's she's saying. She loves sweets to the point at which some suspect she's addicted to sugar, but she is able to exercise restraint when she wants to be "powered down". She claims she's only licked Gelatin Boy once.

Sugar Rush hasn't revealed her origins to us yet, but presently, she is a valuable member of Dino-Mo's team. Although she uses her energy and positive attitude to encourage her team, she's not content to merely cheer from the sidelines. She can lead a charge as well as any of her friends, and with her super-speed, that may be a good offensive maneuver. She's always been attracted to Dodge's wild side, and the two of them are quite the power couple.

Her sugar-powered abilities leave her bouncing off the walls... literally. She can jump high, run fast, and basically do anything a normal human could do, except with more energy. A LOT more energy. She also has some degree of invulnerability to protect her from her own powers, so she doesn't burn her feet when she runs or get injured when she bounces from wall to wall.


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