Name: Sister Sledgehammer

Also Known As : Aliases Unknown

Alignment: Evil

Powers: Above-average strength (Whether that's a super-ability is unknown)

Skills: Proficiency wielding a sledgehammer

Job: Henchperson

Likes: Smashing, crushing, destroying

Hates: Talking, Gusto's attitude

Objectives: To be a great villain, presumably

Personality: The "strong, silent type"


Less is known about Sister Sledgehammer than anyone else on Miss Sunflower's team, because she doesn't ever talk. No one seems to know why, and no one asks her why (for fear of getting a hammer to the face), but that hasn't stopped people from theorizing on why she can't - or won't - speak. She seems to be fiercely loyal to Miss Sunflower and annoyed by Gusto, but her relationship to her teammates is a mystery.

A wise man once said to "speak softly and carry a big stick"; she doesn't speak at all and carries a freakin' sledgehammer! Actions speak louder than words with this armored villaness, and her actions just scream, "I want to make you hurt".

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