Name: Shadowy Sentinel

Also Known As : Pauline Gremmins

Alignment: Good (Reformed from previous evil status)

Powers: Manipulation of shadows and darkness

Skills: Teaching, psychology, psychiatry, writing

Job: C.R.A.S.H. teacher - Inside the Criminal Mind; school counselor

Likes: Proving her status as a good guy, helping her students, the fact that she still fits in the same outfit she wore twenty years ago

Hates: Being mistrusted by her peers, feeling nervous in front of her students, how much she misses her deceased former partner-in-crime - The Light Fantastic

Objectives: To prove that she is reformed, and to use her knowledge of how the villain's mind works to help her students overcome evildoers

Personality: Kind, nervous, brave in the face of danger, fearful in the face of emotional obstacles, prone to guilt


At one time, the Shadowy Sentinel was one of the biggest foes of the Legion of Much Awesomeness. Working alongside her partner-in-crime, the Light Fantastic, she even managed to defeat their leader, Amaze-O-Man, at one point. However, during a climactic battle between good and evil, the Light Fantastic was killed by the very same forces of evil that they'd worked for.

That day was a real turning point for Shadowy Sentinel; it was then that she renounced her evil ways and joined the Legion of Much Awesomeness. It took many years to gain the trust of most of her new teammates, but it was Amaze-O-Man who had faith in her from the start. Since then, she's looked to him as a sort of a mentor, and has sought therapy to help her deal with her emotional baggage that drove her to supervillainy in the first place. This led her to taking up psychology and studying the criminal mind, seeking to help rehabilitate villains and keep heroes from turning evil.

Today, she has retired from the Legion, and is currently both a counselor and a teacher at C.R.A.S.H. Despite having faced multiple dangers over the years, she's petrified when in front of her classroom. Sounds like she's got a case of "new teacher jitters".

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