Name: Professor Windbag

Also Known As : No one cares

Alignment: Good, but he could pass for neutral

Powers: Super wind-breath

Skills: Boring people into submission with his dull lectures

Job: C.R.A.S.H. teacher - Heroic History

Likes: Rambling, droning, lecturing, the sound of his own voice

Hates: Being interrupted

Objectives: Preparing the next generation of heroes, instructing students by going over the most minute details

Personality: Boring, monotone, long-winded


Imagine the meanest teacher you've ever had. Now, imagine the meanest teacher you've ever had, equipped with battle axes. That's Battle-Axe Beatrix. YIKES.

He may not be as unpleasant a teacher as Battle-Axe Beatrix, but you won't be having much fun in his class. He does NOT know how to give a short answer to anything, and will describe anything ad nauseum. Whether it's discussing insignificant details (Only a handful of which will actually be of any importance on the test OR in life), or discussing some unrelated topic after getting off-track, no lesson of his is anything less than a two-parter. If you don't understand something he's saying, check with the textbook; asking him to explain something more simply never leads to an answer that is simpler in any way shape or form. No matter how hard you try, no matter how clear you try to make it, you can't get him to be short and to the point... EVER. Bring your iPod into his class and try to look interested.

No one's quite sure of his origin story (He's told it many times, but no one's been able to remain attentive during the whole tale). His powers, thankfully, speak for themselves. He can exhale a powerful gust of wind, which is capable of holding people aloft or slamming them against walls. His son, Gusto, also has wind powers, but not his father's sense of justice. The details of their father-son relationship are shrouded in mystery, possibly for their mutual benefit.


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