Name: Necros

Also Known As : Lord Necros

Alignment: REALLY Evil

Powers: Unknown

Skills: Quickly attacking pressure points, otherwise unknown

Job: Recurring villain

Likes: Not very much, I imagine. I guess he likes evil...?

Hates: Belt Boy, anything good and decent, listening to the Supreme Master's villainous monologues

Objectives: Testing our heroes, and who knows what else...

Personality: Mysterious, malicious, no-nonsense, filled with contempt, intelligent


Necros is a mystery wrapped in an enigma clad in black spandex. This sneering, skull-headed sneak commands the ghoulish Necrobots, but it's unknown whether he programmed them or simply leads them. He works alongside someone known as the Supreme Master, but no one knows who he or she is.

Necros seems dangerous even without his evil devices (Such as the Necrobots or his smoke bomb). During our first encounter with this creepazoid, he managed to make Belt Boy fall to the ground like a sack of tangelos by making a swift jab to one of Belt Boy's pressure-points with a single finger. It's probably safe to say he'd be even more formidable in hand-to-hand combat. Far less silly than anyone else we've encountered, Necros is SERIOUSLY bad news. If you see this guy in a dark alley - or anywhere else for that matter - RUN.

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