Name: Klawroc

Also Known As : Klawroc the Wise, Klawroc the Stupendous, Klawroc the Pretty Okay

Alignment: Good

Powers: Master scimage (Essentially a wizard and scientist rolled up into one)

Skills: Teaching, magic, science, establishing rapport with students, the occasional good-natured prank

Job: C.R.A.S.H. teacher - Basic Scientific and Magical Knowledge

Likes: The pursuit of knowledge, magic, science, scaring new students, the color blue

Hates: Tripping on his robe, "you must be this tall to ride" signs, magic non-believers, climate change-deniers

Objectives: To help train a new generation of heroes by imparting all the knowledge he's aquired over the years

Personality: Wise, mysterious, jolly, eager to help, somewhat mischeivous


Klawroc is proof that not all of C.R.A.S.H.'s teachers (nor all retired superheroes) are as unpleasant to be around as Battle-Axe Beatrix or Professor Windbag. Granted, he does like to put on a little "show" to spook newcomers to his classroom, but usually after that first meeting, he's a joy to be around (So long as you can take an occasional practical joke every now and then). Nonetheless, he's always happy to help out a student in need, particularly those with a thirst for knowledge.

Klawroc is an accomplished Scimage, which means he has mastered both science and magic, as he sees them as two sides of one coin. His knowledge on both subjects is extensive; it's like he's a living encyclopedia of magic and science! His powerful spells and technological prowess more than make up for his lack of physical might or height. The extent of his magical abilities is unknown, but he's more than happy to use his powers to help any student in need.


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