Name: Jackknife

Also Known As : That pointy jerk

Alignment: Good... kinda (For a hero, he's a real creep!)

Powers: Has launchable blades on his arms

Skills: Manipulating others

Job: Hero-in-training (As a student of C.R.A.S.H.), one of Enticia's boyfriends

Likes: Looking superior, the rights and privileges that come with being one of Enticia's boyfriends, himself

Hates: Cannon, wusses

Objectives: To be a hero, and - more importantly - to get all the fame and ladies that come with it

Personality: Obnoxious, loudmouthed, bullying, sarcastic


Jackknife is one of the many students at C.R.A.S.H. in Enticia's harem. When left to his own devices, he seems to be a bully, as evidenced by his jamming Gelatin Boy into a trash can or locker whenever Dodge isn't around. Cannon regards him as a rival, but wouldn't tell me why. I asked Titanium Maiden; she says it's because "he seems like Cannon's evil twin." I don't see the connection, though. I get that they both have black hair and wear green, but Jackknife's a rude, blunt, obnoxious, uncaring, selfish, loudmouthed creep who has the hots for Enticia. Now what part of THAT sounds like Cannon, I ask you?

While many of Enticia's boyfriends seem to act almost like mindless love-zombies, doing only what she commands, Jackknife seems to be a bit more likely to take initiative, albeit mainly for his own selfish purposes (Which may be why he seems to be the only boyfriend who annoys Enticia). He has often suckered Unk into helping him with his schemes, which typically backfire more often than not.

Jackknife has some blades that jut out of his forearms. They can extend into long, powerful scythes, as well as take on the form of daggers or boomerangs when launched. Does he have any other blades up his sleeves? With all the types he already has, he might as well change his name to Swiss Army Knife!


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