Name: Gusto

Also Known As : Aliases Unknown

Alignment: Evil

Powers: Wind manipulation

Skills: Pointing out flaws in Miss Sunflower's plans

Job: Henchperson

Likes: Rebelling against his father, causing mayhem, flying

Hates: Fat jokes, being compared to his father, listening to his father's lectures, when Miss Sunflower doesn't listen to him, getting beaten up by superheroes

Objectives: To set himself apart from his father and be taken seriously as a great villain

Personality: Snide, surly, rebellious


As you may have suspected from his wind-based powers, Gusto is the son of former superhero and C.R.A.S.H. teacher, Professor Windbag. To be honest, I can't blame him for being rebellious. I mean seriously; Windbag is more boring than watching rocks erode. Who would want to be associated with that? Anyway, Gusto always seems to be annoyed by something, be it his dad's sheer boringness, or Miss Sunflower's less-than-great leadership qualities. Gusto and Professor Windbag haven't mentioned each other, but I suspect that neither one is exactly proud of the other.

Just to clarify, Gusto's powers differ slightly from those of his father. Windbag has wind-breath, creating a powerful gale. Gusto manipulates air around him, allowing him to fly in the air or unleash a wind that is somewhat less powerful - but far more graceful - than those his dad produces. If you want to crack a joke comparing him to that bald kid from the cartoon with the arrow on his head, odds are he's heard that joke already.


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