Name: Gelatin Boy

Also Known As : GB, Billy

Alignment: Good

Powers: Made of living gelatin (if you call that a power)

Skills: Flexible, stealthy, sometimes serves as the voice of reason

Job: Hero-in-training (As a student of C.R.A.S.H.)

Likes: Being able to help others , his fresh citrus odor, his best friend Dodge, catching sci-fi television shows

Hates: The fact that his powers aren't as impressive as others', getting squished, people throwing stuff at him just to see it float around his insides, people trying to taste him

Objectives: To prove himself a hero... or at least to not look like a lame, useless, doofus-y source of comedy relief

Personality: Somewhat pessimistic, knowledgeable, nerdy, quiet, low self-esteem, honestly cares about others


Gelatin Boy is one of Dino-Mo's allies, and a good friend of Dodge. He's a bit quiet and shy most of the time, but he's willing to help out his friends when the need arises. He just wishes he had some power like super-strength or speed or invisibility... but nope, he's made of a fruity dessert. This hasn't helped his low self-esteem one bit.

We're not sure how Gelatin Boy got his "powers", or how he earned his way into C.R.A.S.H., but Dodge seems to be determined to make sure he stays - and thrives - there. Gelatin Boy seems to prefer having Dodge as a bodyguard to having him as a life coach, but knows that Dodge does what he does out of concern, and values their friendship. He just wishes that he could help Dodge and his other friends as much as they help him, which isn't easy for a guy who has little faith in himself or his powers.

Still, Gelatin Boy's powers aren't totally without use. He's super flexible, many weapons and attacks go right through him, and the fact that his legs have become a slithering blob has given him the ability to move stealthily. And he smells like citrus... which everyone tells me is rather pleasant. But being a disembodied CGI head with no odor receptors, I wouldn't know.


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