Name: Enticia

Also Known As : Rose Greene

Alignment: Good, but a bit of an "anti-hero"

Powers: Super-pheromones that, when inhaled, cause men to fall in love with her

Skills: Well-versed in martial arts, athletic overall, a strategic leader

Job: Hero-in-training (As a student of C.R.A.S.H.)

Likes: Having an army of men to do her bidding, her kid sister Daisy, fashion, being in control

Hates: Men that she can't control, being disliked, people drooling over her fashion model mother, moral dilemmas, her obnoxious ex-suitor Mick

Objectives: To help save the world through delegation, to expand her "man collection", to understand her powers better

Personality: Self-absorbed, flirtatious, cares for her family, a bit of a control freak, seems to have some emotional scars


You might think that, as Enticia (Pronounced Ehn-TEE-see-uh) used her powers to temporarily seduce my main squeeze Cannon, I might hate her, or at least see her as a potential threat. But not really. For one thing, it's obvious that the love between Cannon and I will overcome anything, like something out of a mid-80's movie. Second, I think that all that man-maniupulating is a mask or a form of compensation. She's not really as shallow as she looks.

Enticia sought Belt Boy's help in understanding the nature of her powers, so she revealed her origin story to him and his teammates. Apparently, she got her powers from a genetically-altered rose that her scientist father created in one of his botanical experiments. When her family was threatened by Mick - her father's former assistant who took Enticia out on a lousy date - she used her powers to bend the sleezeball to her will and rescue her parents and little sister. The experience seems to have given her a less-than-positive view of men, and she's had no trouble forcing them into her harem of servants... that is, until Belt Boy and Cannon came along and forced her to question her actions.

She is a heroine you do NOT want to mess with. On top of her mastery of martial arts, her super-pheromones can force almost any man to fall in love with her. However, Belt Boy was apparently immune to her powers. Furthermore, she's begun wondering just what her powers are actually doing to men's minds when they're under her influence. Belt Boy's trying to analyze her DNA and figure out just what her powers are capable of. For all we know, her powers may be far more amazing - or more sinister - than we could possibly imagine...


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