Name: Dodge

Also Known As : Vince, Sugar Rush's boyfriend

Alignment: Good

Powers: Can make dodgeballs appear out of thin air

Skills: Naturally athletic, throws dodgeballs with great force and precision

Job: Hero-in-training (As a student of C.R.A.S.H.)

Likes: Dodgeball, protecting and helping his best bud Gelatin Boy, sports, throwing things like a maniac while yelling his head off , his girlfriend Sugar Rush

Hates: Being mellow, relaxing, obnoxious referees, bullies, hearing people put themselves down

Objectives: To be an awesome hero/athlete, to defend his friends, to heave/chuck/throw/toss/lob/pitch dodgeballs at anything evil... or at least breakable

Personality: Excitable, protective, athletic, trigger-happy (Or rather, "dodgeball-happy"), show-offy


Another member of Dino-Mo's team, Dodge is clearly a jock. And his favorite sport is, of course, dodgeball (Or is it technically a game? I think it should be a sport, anyway... a dodgeball player seems like more of an athlete than a golfer or bowler to me.). He's typically very enthusiastic, outgoing, and easy to get along with, but in the heat of battle, he becomes a dodgeball-hurling maniac.

Dodge is a strong asset to Dino-Mo's team, and acts as the second-in-command. He might seem like an odd match with best friend Gelatin Boy, but this jock-and-nerd duo seem to have a sort of symbiotic relationship. Dodge has appointed himself guardian and mentor to his dessert-y friend, and Gelatin Boy serves as the voice of reason when Dodge gets out of control. And he does get out of control. It's no surprise that he and Sugar Rush are an item, as they both have a wild side.

While a dodgeball might not seem like the deadliest weapon in the world, Dodge has incredible aim, speed, and power in his throwing arm. Or rather arms... he's ambidextrous, making his powers double trouble for bad guys. So where one dodgeball might be an inconvenience, a whole barrage could be a real threat to villains.


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