Name: Dino-Mo

Also Known As : DM, Moira, Mo

Alignment: Good

Powers: Can turn herself partly or fully into a dinosaur, even to the point at which she can mix-and-match dinosaur parts

Skills: Leadership, knowledge of nature and paleontology, naturally athletic

Job: Hero-in-training (As a student of C.R.A.S.H.)

Likes: Dinosaurs, archaeology, paleontology, nature, exporing, discovery, showing off her powers

Hates: Bad guys, the defacement of nature, getting stuff stuck between her teeth as a t-rex, people assuming that she's a rip-off of a certain dino-morphing character from TV when she, in fact, came first

Objectives: To be a protector of nature and seeker of historical truth, and to look incredibly awesome doing it

Personality: Enthusiastic, determined, rugged, curious


Dino-Mo was one of the first allies that Belt Boy and company made amongst their peers. Like Belt Boy, she's got a scientific mind (albeit among more natural sciences than mechanical) and seems to lead her own little team. She seems to know how things roll here at C.R.A.S.H., so she might be a good ally for Belt Boy to have.

We don't know Dino-Mo's origins as of yet, but it wouldn't be a stretch to guess that her magical dino tooth was discovered on one of her paleontologist/archaeologist father's digs. She cares deeply for her teammates - Dodge, Sugar Rush, and Gelatin Boy. She also had another teammate named Bastion who left the team, and she places the blame squarely on the shoulders of Enticia.

Dino-Mo always wears a dino tooth pendant around her neck, which seems to grant this would-be archaeologist her powers. She can turn into a variety of dinosaurs, either fully or partially. This makes her powers very versatile. For example, she might just need an ankylosaurus tail to bash down a door, or she might need to totally dino-fy herself to face a large group of baddies. She can even transform different parts of herself into those of different dinosaurs; like having a t-rex head and pterodactyl wings. She's a one-woman prehistoric army!


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