Name: Caped Cod

Alignment: Good

Powers: Flight, spitting explosive bubble projectiles, producing shield-like bubbles, turning his fin into a pretty awesome-looking cape

Job: Genetically-altered pet sidekick to Belt Boy

Likes: Belt Boy, Cannon, Titanium Maiden, water, assisting his friends

Hates: Terrible fish puns, staying out of water for lengthy periods of time, Necrobots

Objectives: To help out his new friends after they saved his life

Personality: Like that of a loyal puppy (or rather, guppy!)

Caped Cod is Belt Boy's new pet sidekick. Always eager to please, Caped Cod is happy to follow people around and help them out - or just get underfoot. He particularly likes hanging around Belt Boy, possibly because he's the only human who's as eager to help as he is.

Belt Boy, Cannon, and Titanium Maiden found him while dealing with some nasty Necrobots. The villainous robots seemed to be transporting him for some unknown, nefarious purpose, but Belt Boy and crew rescued him and brought him to a tank in Belt Boy's lab. However, after returning to the scene of the battle, his rescuers would soon need to be rescued themselves. As soon as the feisty fish learned that the trio was in the clutches of a massive MON-type Necrobot, his mutant powers were awakened, and he flew off to save the day.

Little is known about Caped Cod at the moment, largely because he lacks the ability to speak. His origins are a mystery, as are the reasons for the Necrobots' attempted fishnapping. Still, he has proven to be a loyal friend, with a disposition that seems more like a puppy than a guppy. He's also a powerful ally, with his mutant abilities. He can fly whenever he sprouts his "fin-cape". He can also spit two differently-colored bubbles. Pinkish ones explode on contact, while blue bubbles can envelop him and allies in a protective barrier.


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