Name: Belt Boy

Also Known As : Maximillion, Max

Alignment: Good

Powers: Multi-functional, computerized utility belt

Skills: Science whiz, inventor, computer genius, well-versed in martial arts

Job: Hero-in-training (As a student of C.R.A.S.H.)

Likes: Heroism, inventing, comic books, cartoons, hanging with Cannon, making dramatic speeches, snappy banter, Titanium Maiden

Hates: Villainy, failure, and when people mistakenly attribute every parody song they hear on the internet to Weird Al Yankovic

Objectives: To become a hero, to help or save the world in some big way, and to enjoy every bit of it alongside his best friend Cannon and his girlfriend Titanium Maiden

Personality: Scientifically brilliant, do-gooder, somewhat naive, overdramatic, loyal, trustworthy, eager


Belt Boy is the main character of Heroes of C.R.A.S.H., no surprise. He's that kid who's always trying to prove himself a hero. He's got the smarts, he's got the skills, he's got the dream, he's got the drive... but he's about as naive as a newborn baby. His innocence can be a tad annoying to some, but then again, that innocence and belief in good may be what makes him a true hero one day. Titanium Maiden and Cannon have little in common, but one thing they do share is an admiration of Belt Boy's inventive nature and can-do attitude.

Long before he even got the name "Belt Boy", Max was inventing and building since he was able to play with blocks. His knack for creating cool stuff earned the respect of his best friend Dave when they were both in the sandbox. The two became inseperable; Max would give Dave a prosthetic hand to replace the one he lost in an accident (And prefers not to talk about), and the two of them helped save their high school from a giant mutant rodent. That act of heroism got them referred to C.R.A.S.H., which they joined under the names Belt Boy and Cannon. When they joined forces with Belt Boy's eventual girlfriend, Titanium Maiden, they became quite the impressive team, grabbing the attention of faculty, students, and villains alike.

His creative mind helped him to develop that utility belt of his, as well as the computer program that keeps it running smoothly - namely, me! B.O.N.N.I.E.! Ya' gotta admit; someone with enough genius to create me is definately going places! But I digress. His belt is capable of producing a wide variety of gizmos, including (but not limited to) a propellor, mechanical arms, a speaker/radio, a sword, lasers, grappling hooks, hair dryer, various video game systems, a heroically-themed mix CD, and a computer monitor which displays my face and allows him to communicate with me. Still, he likes to fight with his fists, too; he possesses some impressive fighting skills, and doesn't want to become too reliant on his utility belt to get him out of jams.

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