Name: Battle-Axe Beatrix

Also Known As : Beatrix Legorr

Alignment: Good, but she's got a major rod up her butt

Powers: Can make battle axes appear out of thin air

Skills: Throwing axes, striking fear into the hearts of students

Job: C.R.A.S.H. teacher - Basic Heroism

Likes: When students behave, order, going by the book, directing her frustrations at her students

Hates: Ne'er-do-wells, hooligans, upstarts, know-it-alls, loudmouths, class disruptions

Objectives: "Keeping the little brats in line"

Personality: Miserable, cantankerous, short-tempered, a stick-in-the-mud, farbisene (according to Cannon)


Imagine the meanest teacher you've ever had. Now, imagine the meanest teacher you've ever had, equipped with battle axes. That's Battle-Axe Beatrix. YIKES.

Beatrix was once a quiet librarian a long, long time ago, until she got her powers. She then became a not-so-quiet superheroine, fighting for law and (especially) order. After keeping bookshelves and the streets of Utopolis clean and orderly for so long, she's found a new challenge in keeping the teenage students of C.R.A.S.H. orderly. Her agressive disciplinary measures and no-nonsense attitude have made her as much a nemesis as she is a tutor for many a young hero-in-training.

Like Dodge, Battle-Axe Beatrix can summon her signature weapons from out of nowhere. Her arms may look skinny, but she can swing and toss those axes with deadly force and precision. She's been known to chuck them at the door to scare tardy students as they try to creep into class unnoticed.


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