Name: B.O.N.N.I.E. (That's me! :D )

Also Known As : Belt Operation Network Neohuman with Inexplicable Emotions

Alignment: Good

Powers: Control over Belt Boy's utility belt and various other programs on my hard drive; has back-up copy of self that manages Belt Boy's lab

Skills: Artificial intelligence, real emotions

Job: Computer program

Likes: Cannon, providing assistance to Belt Boy, Cannon, internet humor and memes, Cannon, Cannon, and did I mention Cannon?

Hates: Spam, running low on memory, having to reboot, being a disembodied head

Objectives: To help Belt Boy in his never-ending battle against evil and in his quest to become a hero, to win over Cannon

Personality: Cute, bubbly, eager, madly in love with Cannon :)


Heh heh, okay, perhaps it might be a bit biased for me to do my own biography, but then again, who knows me better than... well, me? Anyhoo, I run any and all programs and applications on Belt Boy's utility belt. Whether running scans and analyses or popping gizmos out of Belt Boy's belt, I'm always there to lend a hand (Even if I technically don't have hands. Or arms. Or a torso. Or a body at all.). I think some of Belt Boy's eagerness rubbed off on me, though thankfully not his naivite. For example, Belt Boy's too naive to see that Cannon is merely masking his feelings for me when he tries to run away. Only my observant, computerized mind can see through to his true intentions. Boy would I like to interface with him... rowr! <3

Belt Boy created me on his computer to assist him with various tasks. He intentionally programmed me with artificial intelligence, but he has no idea how I got my own set of emotions and personality. This fascinates him to no end.

I help regulate and monitor the functions of Belt Boy's utility belt. While many of his belt's functions are automatic or triggered manually, he's also taught me to activate certain functions when I sense the proper situation for them, such as knowing that he wants me to activate a helicopter propellor when he leaps off a high building, or that I can turn his one-two punch into a one-two-three-four punch by releasing spring-loaded boxing gloves. I also respond to voice commands (But I prefer that he say "please" when doing so!).


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