Josh Winthrop

FULL NAME: Joshua Paul Winthrop

BORN: May 19th, 1984


SUPERPOWERS: Total command over this webcomic

LIKES: Drawing, cartoons/anime, video games (especially Nintendo), reading webcomics, pasta, bubble wrap, being festive around holidays, taking relaxing walks, nature, fast food, WWE, Weird Al Yankovic, Sherlock Holmes mysteries, Ninja Turtles in any incarnation, watching YouTube videos, using the word "Discombobulated"

DISLIKES: Bagpipes, about 90% of country music, XBox, people quoting Dave Chappelle's celebrity imitations, people mispronouncing my last name (It's pronounced "WIHN-thrup"), violence (except for video game violence, cartoon violence, and WWE. It's REAL violence spawned by hatred and perhaps a little stupidity that I oppose)

PERSONALITY: An ISFJ type (According to a quiz on YouTube), creative, introverted, peace-loving, prone to stress and occasional perfectionist tendencies, liberal, sensitive, a careful "slow and steady"-worker, a brainstormer, somewhat literal-minded, likes using humor to cope/heal/make a point

ASPIRATIONS: To help in the creation/design of a video game (Especially one that promotes creativity in the user), to design memorable cartoon/game/comic/book characters that make people happy, to own every episode of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon on DVD


Hello, I’m Josh Winthrop, and if it's not already apparent, I'm the guy who created this comic.

For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by cartoons and loved to draw, even more than most children when I was young. I was entranced by the magic, comedy, and beauty of cartoons, and spent a good portion of my childhood (and beyond) drawing Daffy Duck, Raphael, and Super Mario. Even at that young age, I took note of details, like how Mario and Luigi have different-looking sideburns, or how Mickey Mouse's ears remain round from every angle. My parents and teachers could tell that I was going to be an artist when I grew up.

I found myself really challenged as an artist for the first time in high school, where my teacher encouraged me to use different media and not always take the cartoony approach. This frustrated me at times, but I had an excellent art teacher who put up with me when I was stressed or stubborn, and helped guide me through these projects that forced me to step outside my comfort zone. Although I'm still not a big fan of painting as opposed to drawing, she succeeded in teaching me to experiment with my art and helped me to get even better at noticing details when observing something I wish to draw.

When I came to college, I originally was enrolled as an English/Art major, but soon changed to Elementary Education/Digital Media. Art was more fine arts-type stuff; Digital Media had what I truly wanted to do. It was here that we worked with Flash, Maya, Photoshop, and other programs to create art on the computer. Needless to say, I took advantage of Flash and Maya to create and animate cartoons. My final project was the original incarnation of this very website.

That was back in 2006. In the years since then, I've slowly-but-surely grown as an artist. When I look through my comic's archives, I can see how my drawing and writing have evolved. My characters have become more fleshed out, my plotlines more complex. I've also been gradually improving my website itself, adding new pages and experimenting with web design. I've even gained a small following through my forum, Facebook page and other social media.

That doesn't mean I'm anywhere near done with this website. I intend on getting better as a webcartoonist and constantly developing my skills. I hope that as you look through the site, you can see the dedication I've put into it.

Anyhoo, if you want to contact me, drop a line to I appreciate all feedback, complements, critiques, suggestions, or whatever else you have to say, so long as you show proper netiquette (In other words, no insults and no spam). Good grammar doesn't hurt either.

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