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Comic Number 848 

9/16/22 -  Blorbo?

I've just received some fan art of Cannon from Twentifour_hour, who has declared Cannon the new blorbo.  The interwebs tells me that a "blorbo" is "a celebrity or fictional character of whom one is very fond."  Cannon says he greatly appreciates being considered a celebrity.



8/27/22 - The Superhero School Store is OPEN!  Buy my merch!

It's taken 16 years, but I'm finally selling Heroes of C.R.A.S.H. merch!  Visit to buy shirts, stickers, puzzles, tote bags, and more with my art on them!

[Kids under 18 should have a parent or legal guardian's permission before visiting this or any site that handles real-world money.  Please notify us if there are any issues with our particular shop, or let TeeMill know if the site in general is experiencing technical issues.  Don't play with matches, stay in school, be kind, rewind.  Thank you.]


5/28/22 - Kirby Filler

Due to a lack of valid submissions, the Generated Category contest has been cancelled.  Because of that, I came up with this last-minute Kirby filler.  Yes, I got Kirby and the Forgotten Land for my birthday.  And Kirby Star Allies.  And by sheer coincidence, Kirby 64 dropped on the Switch's N64 Emulator that day.  I got a triple dose of Kirby for my birthday, and now, you're getting a triple dose of HoC Kirbys (or is that Kirbies?)!


5/21/22 - Traditional Category Winners and Generated Category Extention

Well folks, we have a winner for the Traditional Category of my contest, and it's WireCats' drawing of Belt Boy and Titanium Maiden as a Tall Girl Meme!  Many thanks, WireCats!  Also giving thanks to TheSlugCar's "Dinoicia" picture and Marc Moore's Retro Game Parodies!


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