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5/21/22 - Traditional Category Winners and Generated Category Extention

Well folks, we have a winner for the Traditional Category of my contest, and it's WireCats' drawing of Belt Boy and Titanium Maiden as a Tall Girl Meme!  Many thanks, WireCats!  Also giving thanks to TheSlugCar's "Dinoicia" picture and Marc Moore's Retro Game Parodies!

Due to a lack of submissions, the Generated Category's deadline is extended another week!  Make one of my characters in an online generator or as a video game avatar, and send it to me by 5/26!



3/26/22 - April Fools'!

Since next Saturday would be one day too late for my annual April Fools' filler, the joke's on you a little early this year!  As has been a trend lately, this year's prank victims are part of the Collective of Heroes, as Cannon pranks a quartet of heroes from MaroonDrops' webcomic, Masked !  Fans who recall Cannon's 2015 prank on Herb the Werewolf from Monica Gallagher's Bonnie N. Collide: 9 to 5 may be getting a sense of deja vu...!  If you want to read Masked or any other Collective of Heroes comics, click the button at the top of my home page!


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