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Post CozyCon 2023 Filler 

 9/9/23 - CozyCon Update: We're Hosting An Event!

On Saturday September 16th at 3pm/2pm central, I'm hosting Toon Up! - an art event on CozyCon's Discord!  I'll be giving some art prompts for fun, wacky characters, and people can choose to share their drawings, draw privately, or watch what everyone else is up to.  I hope you'll check it out and participate!



 8/26/23 - New August Merch!

Hey, folks!  Check out the C.R.A.S.H. store for some new merch: an inspirational poster, a Girl Power poster, and a Magic Elixer tee!  Click the link at the top of the page to go to our TeeMill store!

8/19/23 - We're Going to CozyCon (While Staying Home)!

Back from vacation with a news update: The Heroes of C.R.A.S.H. is a vendor at a convention for the first time!  And it's 100% online!  CozyCon is a free convention for art creators and art lovers, with drawings, illustrations, comics, crafts, merch, and more!  I'll be there September 15th through 17th.  Hope to see you there!


8/5/23 - A SECOND Wallpaper and Vacation Announcement

I'm taking another vacation!  This one's going to be a bit longer, but once again, I'll only miss one update: the weekend of the 12th.  This time, Matt Gregory is calling in his prize from winning my fan art contest back in 2015, and so this overdue wallpaper features a crossover between his webcomic and mine!  He requested that Titanium Maiden hold up a 2x4 balancing his title characters, Janine and Candice, along with my Belt Boy and Cannon.  You can download this wallpaper here.  Enjoy!


7/15/23 - New Wallpaper and Vacation Announcement

I'm going on vacation the weekend of the 22nd, but whenever I do so, I hate to leave my readers empty-handed.  That's why I have a surprise for you all!  As noted below, Ken Bailey won my fan art contest and got to pick my next HoC desktop wallpaper.  He asked for me to draw Titanium Maiden dressed as his character, EnergyGirl, for a costume party, and no one else recognizing who she's supposed to be.  You can download it right here!


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