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Comic Number 818 

9/18/21 - Story Comics Return

We're back to the story!  Things are taking a turn for the dramatic, but don't think that my comic is changing its tone.  I've always preferred comedic heroes to overly brooding ones, but even comedies can get some sad moments in.  I hope you'll appreciate my strip for being a little more well-rounded as a result!  And if you are enjoying my strip, leave me a message on social media; it's always good to hear from fans!


PREVIOUS UPDATE: 8/27/21 - First Day Flashback Fillers

Hey, folks!  For the first time in over a decade, my family is FINALLY taking a much-needed vacation together.  After losing my father, the big move, and all the insanity of Covid, we really, REALLY needed this.  To be clear, we're all vaccinated, wearing masks, social distancing, and taking all necessary precautions and YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY BE DOING THE SAME!!!!!  Seriously, folks, if you are able, GET THE SHOT, and WEAR YOUR MASK!

Anyway, while I'm gone, I'm gonna post three First Day Flashback fillers, looking back at our three heroes shortly before they first set foot within the halls of C.R.A.S.H.  This week's filler will be posted on the site, but the 9/4/21 filler will be posted on social media, then added to the site the following week.  Keep your eyes peeled!


PREVIOUS UPDATE: 5/29/21 - 2021 Generated Contest Results

I don't think any artist has submitted more fan art to my comic than this year's Generated Fan Art Category contest winner, TheSlugCar!  As their prize, I've drawn my interpretation of their interpretation of my characters, which has resulted in some funky-looking outfits for Dino-Mo's team.  Excellent work as usual, O Slugular One!  It means a lot to me that you're such a dedicated fan!  And thanks for the fan art! :-)

 If you missed the winner of this year's Traditional Fan Art Category last week, it's MaroonDrops!  She made an awesome anniversary picture with comic panels in the background... and then took it a step further by making both a version with text and without text!  Excellent work!

The Runners-Up in this category are no slackers, either!  Richard Macrae (creator of the webcomic Silverback) drew Titanium Maiden as a part of his series of Collective of Heroes characters (You can check out his comic site - which includes the other Collective fan art pieces - through the Collective of Heroes button at the top of my page!).  CD Rudd reinvented my characters as a spacefaring crew from his webcomic Pixie Rangers.  David Fleming (creator of The Adventures of Ms. Rocket) drew Dave and Noel (Perhaps there's something he likes about Cannon's civilian identity... like his first name!).  And Ed Gedeon (creator of Everyday Heroes) drew Belt Boy and TM doing some Sailor Moon crossplay (One of them is being uncharacteristically self-confident... and I don't mean Belt Boy).

Many thanks to everyone who entered!  MaroonDrops will choose the next HoC downloadable wallpaper, the runners-up will get sketches from me, and the Generated category winner will get a drawing when I announce them next week!

Speaking of downloadable wallpapers, in honor of my comic's 15th anniversary, I've created a trio of wallpapers for your phone, featuring Belt Boy, Titanium Maiden, or Cannon against a background of classic comics.  You can find them by clicking the characters' names in the previous sentence, or visit my Downloads page, which includes even more wild wallpapers for your phone, tablet, or computer.  Enjoy!



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