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Comic Number 844 

6/3/22 - We're Back Again!

After taking some birthday time off to let my brain recharge, comics have returned!  Unfortunately, it looks like Max could use a recharge too...!



5/28/22 - Kirby Filler

Due to a lack of valid submissions, the Generated Category contest has been cancelled.  Because of that, I came up with this last-minute Kirby filler.  Yes, I got Kirby and the Forgotten Land for my birthday.  And Kirby Star Allies.  And by sheer coincidence, Kirby 64 dropped on the Switch's N64 Emulator that day.  I got a triple dose of Kirby for my birthday, and now, you're getting a triple dose of HoC Kirbys (or is that Kirbies?)!


5/21/22 - Traditional Category Winners and Generated Category Extention

Well folks, we have a winner for the Traditional Category of my contest, and it's WireCats' drawing of Belt Boy and Titanium Maiden as a Tall Girl Meme!  Many thanks, WireCats!  Also giving thanks to TheSlugCar's "Dinoicia" picture and Marc Moore's Retro Game Parodies!


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