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Annual Birthday Contest!

2/11/23 -  Announcements!

To reiterate what I've posted in today's filler, three major things:

1. I couldn't update the site, but now I can again, and any comics I posted to social media in the meantime have been added to the site here.

2. Reminding you to buy my things on TeeMill and tip me using Ko-Fi (Links at the top of the page!)

3. The Annual Birthday Contest is back!  Click the button above for the newly-updated rules!



1/7/23 -  Site Updates

I've been putting it off for too long, but I've finally made some important changes to the site!  I've updated the Fan Art page to reflect the contributions I've received in the last year.  I've also removed some art from the page; it was submitted by someone who turned out to be a not-so-great person, and I don't want to support him or have my art associated with his.

I've also updated the Social Media (or "Facebook Stuff") page with the current site's background and links to my Instagram, Ko-Fi, and Pillowfort pages.  Please give them a look!

11/12/22 -  Ko-Fi and Other Ways to Follow/Support the Comic

Surprise, folks: I finally got a Ko-Fi page!  I'll add a link to the site in the near future; unsurprisingly, I'm listed as "theheroesofcrash" on there. I also need to update my Social Media page to include Instagram and Pillowfort as listed on the image beneath today's comic.  I wanted to be sure everyone knows how to follow me in case Twitter goes down in flames like... well, like a Tesla.

11/5/22 -  80s Cyberspace B.O.N.N.I.E. Wallpaper

Check out this totally rad 'n' retro wallpaper that WireCats requested after winning my 2012 Birthday Fanart Contest!  If you like seeing B.O.N.N.I.E. on Belt Boy's monitor, wait until she appears on your own with a sweet throwback to the 1980s in the background!  Download it for your computer or phone today!


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