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2023 Fan Avatar Contest Winner 

5/27/23 - Fan Avatar Contest Winner: YouWillNeverKnow

Our Fan Avatar contest winner has submitted more pieces than anyone else over the years, and is often the first person to contribute.  It's once again YouWillNeverKnow!  They submitted this avatar of the obscure character Destrucity Damsel!  Many thanks for this piece and for your constant support of my comic!



5/20/23 - Fan Art Contest Winner: Ken Bailey

We have a winner!  For the third non-consecutive time, Ken Bailey has won my birthday fan art contest with his piece, entitled When Universes Collide!  Be sure to check out his comic, The Mighty EnergyGirl !

Also, many thanks to Ed Gedeon and YouWillNeverKnow for their Carol Burnett homage and geometric versions of my heroes, respectively!  It's always a pleasure to see your contributions!

Next week: The Fan Avatar Contest Winner!


1/7/23 -  Site Updates

I've been putting it off for too long, but I've finally made some important changes to the site!  I've updated the Fan Art page to reflect the contributions I've received in the last year.  I've also removed some art from the page; it was submitted by someone who turned out to be a not-so-great person, and I don't want to support him or have my art associated with his.

I've also updated the Social Media (or "Facebook Stuff") page with the current site's background and links to my Instagram, Ko-Fi, and Pillowfort pages.  Please give them a look!


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