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Comic Number 874 

6/16/24 - Downloads and Fan Art Page Updates

It's not often that I update the site outside of my weekly Saturday updates, but the pages for Downloads and Fan Art were in serious need of updating.  The Downloads page now contains the "Janine and Candice and Heroes" desktop wallpaper.  I've also added several pieces to the Fan Art page, including this year's Birthday Fan Art and Fan Avatar contest entries, Queer and Pleasant Stranger's "Titanium Maiden Punched a Monster" picture, and some overlooked art pieces from the 2015 fan art contest that I accidentally never added to the page until now (My sincere apologies to Matthew Gregory and TwigCrown for taking so long!).  I thank everyone whose art I've added; it means a lot to me that my characters inspired you to create such awesome artwork!



5/25/24 - Fan Avatar Contest Results

This category's only entry was from YouWillNeverKnow, but because they won in this category last year, their entry is ineligible.  But their Team Enticia avatars are nothing to sneeze at, and they can proudly say that they still have their victory in the Traditional Fan Art category this year.

5/25/24 - Fan Art Contest Winner: YouWillNeverKnow

The contest is over, and this year's winner is YouWillNeverKnow!  I've been looking into doing pixel art, myself, and I appreciate how much work must have gone into this piece featuring Dino-Mo, her team, and an unusually large and antagonistic version of Cannon.  YWNK also wins the grand prize: choosing the next HoC desktop wallpaper!

Many thanks also to Ken Bailey, who was ineligible to win this year, but still wanted to send me some fan art anyway just because it's my birthday.  And thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!

 3/30/24 - April Fools' 2024 and Links Page Updates

This year's April Fools' Day filler feature characters from Alex Rhys' webcomic, Robin & Cat !  I've added this comic to the PG-13 to R Links section, while removing another comic from the G to PG Links section because its author turned out to be a terrible person.  Oddly enough, I thought I'd made these changes months ago, but better late than never!  Please give Alex's comic a read when you have a chance!


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