Here's a listing of many other webcomics that I enjoy, and that you might like too!

I said it before, and I'll say it again. Each one is given a brief description and a maturity rating. Heed the maturity ratings! If you click on a comic and it scars you for life, it's not my fault; YOU decided to click onto this page. Each rating has a description stating why it's been given such a rating, so use them to help you figure out which comic you want to read.


Accidental Centaurs

By John Lotshaw

Rating: R (Occaisional language, violence, sexual situations)

910CMX Community Member

DESCRIPTION: Alex and Samantha were humans until they got trapped in "otherSpace" (No, I did not capitalize incorrectly), a dimension populated by mythical creatures. They've now become Centaurs, and roam the world with their sarcastic genie friend Lenny. Most of the folks they encounter are traditional mythical beings, but their foes are a species of Satyrs that mutated into freakish giant starfish.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: People who are fans of fantasy, magic, and mythology

PERSONAL NOTES: Witty and clever; an excellent spin on the classic "adventurers in a mystical realm" formula.

SPECIAL KUDOS: I won a contest that John held to design a new shirt for Sam, so you'll be seeing my design in his comic from now on! Pretty cool, huh?

The Adventures of Gyno-Star

By Rebecca Cohen

Rating: PG-13 (Occaisional language, violence, sexual situations, sexual imagery)

DESCRIPTION: Gyno-Star is a feminist superhero, defending the world from sexism. With her slightly hypocritical, teenage, lesbian, communist sidekick, Little Sappho, Gyno-Star challenges all villains who seek power by manipulating or demeaning women.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: People who know what feminism is about, people who think they know what feminism is about, people who want to know what feminism is about, people who can understand morals delivered with a Simpsons-esque twist.

PERSONAL NOTES: Gyno-Star is not a perfect feminist, but she wasn't meant to be. Her flaws give her personality while showing just how difficult being a feminist can be. She does an excellent job of highlighting the morally-gray areas just as well as she emphasizes things that are obviously wrong with society, and does so with impeccable humor. You may not agree with all the heroine's actions, but - once again, like the Simpsons - she will always make you laugh as well as think.


Alvery Nerveaux's Secret Case Files

By Jean Q. Citizen and Momoru

Rating: PG-13 (Occaisional language, violence, sexual situations, sexual imagery)

DESCRIPTION: Alvery Nerveaux's mother was one of the greatest agents Worldpol has ever seen. With brains and determination, Alvery does her best to live up to her mother's name and to thwart the evil organization EMPRESS, and its leader, the villainess Ardrienne Renelsoir. Unfortunately, Alvery is a nerd and a klutz, and Worldpol can't take her seriously at all (Which is why they mostly send Alvery after Ardrienne to get her out of their hair).

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: People who enjoy old spy cartoons like Inspector Gadget, Danger Mouse, and Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?; people who enjoyed The Pink Panther (the movies, not the pink cartoon cat).

PERSONAL NOTES: Between a government agent who can throw d20's with enough force to knock someone out, a megalomaniac whose plans seem like something out of Pinky and the Brain, a pair of zombie henchmen, and an assassin who only communicates via a typewriter she always carries around, this comic is chock-full of zany, fun-to-read characters. Also, there's quite a few Weird Al Yankovic references, which is always a plus.

The Angel of St. Thomas

By Lily and Pete

Rating: R (Occaisional language, violence, sexual situations)

910CMX Community Member


DESCRIPTION: The story of a young girl who's an angel... not a literal angel, but a guardian of a small island. With her amazing powers of flight and gravity manipulation, she'll do all she can to defend her home like her mother before her. There's also a secondary comic series within this series which focuses on the history of another character in this world: Celeste the Pirate.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Someone who likes pirates or fantasy stories that don't have roots in Tolkien or Greek mythology.

PERSONAL NOTES: Amazing artwork and a cast page that reveals that, this early on in the comic, we're looking at the mere tip of the Angel Iceberg that will show promise in the years to come.


Assassin Roommate

By Monica Gallagher

Rating: R (Language, alcohol use, violence, sexual situations)

DESCRIPTION: Maggie (AKA "Mags") is a college grad looking for a new roommate. In walks the handsome and athletic Kurt, a contrast to the nerdy, introverted Mags. There seems to be some friction between the two, but also some attraction. But personal drama may have to take a backseat to staying alive, which I suppose is what happens when your roommate is secretly an assassin...

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Fans of action AND romance comics, as well as fans of Monica Gallagher's other work (Such as Bonnie N. Collide: 9 to 5)

PERSONAL NOTES: This feels like Monica Gallagher's best-executed (no assassin pun intended) comic yet, with a good balance between character, comedy, drama, and action.


Band Vs. Band

By Kathleen Jacques

R (Sexual situations, alcohol, and one weird storyline with drugs and the devil early on, but things kinda mellow afterward)

DESCRIPTION: In the world of music, two bands stand above the rest: the squeaky-clean Candy Hearts, and the loud, rebellious Sourballs. The bands and their leaders - Honey Hart and Turpentine, respectively - are rivals... but perhaps there is a little more going on between these two than they let on. You know how they say that opposites attract...!

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: People who grew up with Gem and the Holograms or Josie and the Pussycats, but wish there were more lesbian overtones. Or just people who like funny, cute LGBTAIA+ comics and romance comics.

PERSONAL NOTES: This comic has a quirky style and restrictive color palette that give it a look unlike any I've seen in webcomics. It has a retro look with modern attitudes, and the characters are just loveable.

Between Failures

By Jackie Wohlenaus

R (Language, sexual situations)

DESCRIPTION: A comic about a group of bookstore employees, all with their unique quirks and baggage. From the manipulative-but-well-meaning Thomas to the stern-yet-sensitive Carol to the adorably shy Brooksie... every character has a story and a point of view. And this comic lets you see all of them.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Fans of Shortpacked! and Questionable Content , people who enjoy character interaction as much as - or more than - contrived hijinks

PERSONAL NOTES: All of the characters have personality and familiarity to them without feeling like exaggerated stereotypes. Jackie likens his strip to Clerks or High Fidelity. The characters are incredibly well-designed; each one even has unique ears (Which blush when the characters blush. I know that's a minor detail, but I love it!).

Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five

By Monica Gallagher

PG-13 (Violence, sexual situations)

DESCRIPTION: Bonnie N. Collide works in an office by day... but kicks butt as a roller derby girl by night! When you eat, breathe, and sleep roller derby, you don't let things like relationships or having a werewolf as a co-worker distract you from your passion.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Fans of roller derby... or girls who kick butt!

PERSONAL NOTES: The bubbly Bonnie is a fun character, and the supporting cast is also amusingly quirky. The art style - like the title character - is a great mix of cute and butt-kick-ular!

SPECIAL KUDOS: I met the comic's creator, Monica Gallagher, a few years back at the Comic Geek Speak Super Show, where I got a copy of her comic. I've also done some fanart of Bonnie, which she proudly posted on her site!


By Thom Khatt and Darin Brown

PG-13 (Violence, female character who seems to have four of something most women have only two of)

910CMX Community Member


DESCRIPTION: This comic is a spin-off of Accidental Centaurs (Scroll up the page to see the link), featuring characters that appeared in a few guest comics. The main cast includes mercenary-turned-bar-owner "Woodeye", his wife Blossom, widowed blacksmith Nahrm, head deputy Karl, and the spell-casting Kalif. All of the characters, being from otherSpace, are mythological beings, rather than humans, by the way. Did I forget to mention that?

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: People who like Accidental Centaurs and other fantasy webcomics like it

PERSONAL NOTES: The engaging characters and the distinct artistic style will pull you in to this excellent comic.

SPECIAL KUDOS: Creators Thom Khatt and Darin Brown helped get me onto the 910CMX forums, gave me some feedback, and were commissioned to do an awesome fanart piece of Titanium Maiden.

The Devil's Panties

By Jennie Breeden

Maturity Rating: R (Language, Sexual Situations/References, Alcoholic/Drug References)

DESCRIPTION: Don't let the satanic-sounding name fool you. This comic is actually autobiographical; the artist simply writes comics based on the actual, real-live wackiness in her own life. Truth really is stranger - and funnier - than fiction.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Anyone who wants to read a webcomic that speaks to their inner lunatic. If you've ever had that one crazy, fun-loving friend who acts like a fourth-grader who downed a few too many Pixy Stix and love him or her for it, you'll love the main character of this comic.

SPECIAL KUDOS: Artist Jennie Breeden gave me some feedback at 2006's Wizard World Philly (And mailed me a book I bought from her and left at her booth by mistake... I'm so forgetful...)

Diesel Sweeties


Maturity Rating: PG-13 (Mildly bad language, sexual situations and references, alcoholic references, violence, and one or two instances of a cat hiney)


DESCRIPTION: A sprite comic featuring all original sprites (Rather than ones ripped from existing video games). It chronicles Clango, a robot, and his various human and robot friends. Every character seems to have had a relationship with another character at some point in the comic, it seems.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: The geeky masses; especially those who like to watch The Big Bang Theory. If you like video game-style sprites, randomness, and unusual analogies, Diesel Sweeties is the comic for you.

PERSONAL NOTES: Some of the pop-culture or scientific references may go over your head, but it's still very enjoyable. This webcomic is among the more famous ones out there.

Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire

By Michael "Mookie" Terracciano

Maturity Rating: R (Alcoholic references, sexual content, and graphic violence that is so horrible, it grosses me out just to think about it. Easily the most violent comic on my links page. You've been warned.)

This comic has concluded, but is still available to read.

DESCRIPTION: Dominic is a seer - a psychic who has visions. In a world of orcs and magic and stuff like that, he constantly finds himself using his powers to save the world, and help out his friends. Some of the colorful characters he calls friends include his girlfriend (Who's very beautiful except for her tusks. Yes, tusks.), his talking cat who has a fondness for aliteration, and his once-crippled white mage brother.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Fans of fantasy, comedy, melodrama, horror, action, and wonderfully terrible puns

PERSONAL NOTES: The characters are deep and multi-faceted, the laws of magic are well thought-out and detailed, and the emotional range of the comic is perhaps the broadest of any webcomic I've seen. You may bear witness to a horrific, gruesome, and heart-wrenching death one day, then groan at a pun the next, and never feel like you're reading two different comics.

Dumbing of Age

By David Willis

RATING: R (Language, sexual situations, violence, adult themes, alcohol)

DESCRIPTION: A colorful cast of characters dealing with life and relationships at a college. Simple premise, hilarious delivery.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Anyone who's read Dave Willis' other comics and loved them, anyone who's read Dave Willis' other comics but wishes they'd tone down the drama and ditch the sci-fi angle, anyone who managed to survive college

PERSONAL NOTES: All of the characters from Dave Willis' other comics - Roomies, It's Walky, and Joyce and Walky - have alternate-dimension counterparts in this comic. You can enjoy DoA without having read any of the other comics, but they do add some context to the revamped characters.

El Goonish Shive

By Dan Shive

RATING: PG-13 (Gender-swapping, sexual situations)

910CMX Community Member

DESCRIPTION: An androgenous-looking science nerd with a transformation ray. His martial-arts practicing best friend who has a female clone. A girl who's a species-changing genetic experiment. These are just a few of the strange characters in El Goonish Shive.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Fans of sci-fi, fantasy, deep characters, and geek humor. It doesn't hurt if you're okay with gender-swapping in webcomics, either.

PERSONAL NOTES: This is the comic that inspired The Wotch, but don't think that it's the exact same comic. This comic focuses a bit more on character development and less on action. Still, if you like The Wotch, you'll probably like EGS, and vice-versa.

Evil Inc.

by Brad Guigar

RATING: PG (Sexual situations/humor, skimpy outfits)

DESCRIPTION: A spinoff of another of his comics, Greystone Inn, Guigar's Evil Inc. is a webcomic about your average company... for supervillains. Combining office humor with superhero comics, this is an unusual but intriguing hybrid between two classic comic genres.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Anyone who liked superhero comics as a kid or who works in an office. Both is even better.

PERSONAL NOTES: I'd highly recommend reading Greystone Inn first to understand some of the characters - most notably Lightning Lady - but it's not necessary. It's also noteworthy that this comic actually appears in some newspapers, as well as online.

SPECIAL KUDOS: Brad Guigar, the comic's artist, gave me some advice at 2006 Wizard World Philly, as well as further advice online.


by Scott Dewitt

RATING: R (Sexual situations, language, violence)

DESCRIPTION: Three gamers live together: Paul the agressive Sony fan, Sylvia the feisty Xbox fan, and Lemmy the adorkable Nintendo fan. They may disagree on which is the best system, but there's no arguing that the three of them make for an interesting trio of unlikely friends.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: All gamers, regardless of console

PERSONAL NOTES: The art, characters, and comedy are all top notch. Did I mention that Scott works on the brilliant YouTube series Extra Credits, which analyzes video games from a design/artistic/cultural/societal/financial/educational standpoint? Well, I did now.

Flaky Pastry

by Falingard

RATING: PG (Subtle sexual situations/humor, some language, violence)

DESCRIPTION: It's the wacky hijinks of three female roommates. Sound cliche? Well, what if I told you that they were a techno-saavy goblin with no conscience, a catgirl-like woman with a yearning for learning, and crazy elf princess who delights in violence and chaos? Not so cliche now, huh?

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: People who like humor and fantasy, people who like fantasy stories in a modern/futuristic setting

PERSONAL NOTES: An addictive read with some very well-fleshed-out characters and a cartoonish-yet-elegant art style.

Geeks Next Door

By Jessi Bavolak and Matt Pascal

RATING: PG-13/R (Occaisional sexual situations, language, alcoholic references, and one or two cases of nudity)

DESCRIPTION: Follow the continuing saga of Jessi and Matt, two geeks who in love (based on two real-life geeks in love), as well as their incredibly creepy and annoying roommate Barry and occaisionally Jessi's sister Maggie. There's also some jokes about video games, RPG's, superheroes, Harry Potter, anime, and other geeky stuff... as well as drunken frat zombies.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Well, let me put it this way. If you ever wondered what video-game villain Sephiroth would look like as a dinosaur, this comic is for you.

PERSONAL NOTES: It may seem a bit sugary sweet for a comic that has alcohol and creepy cosplayers, but it's worth looking at.

Girls with Slingshots

By Danielle Corsetto

RATING: R (Sexual situations, implied nudity, language, alcohol)

This comic has concluded, but is getting re-released in full color. The original run for the comic is still available to read.

DESCRIPTION: This comic largely centers around Hazel Tellington, a somewhat cynical, yet hopelessly romantic up-and-coming writer. She has a love of alcohol, a fairly busty best friend named Jamie, and a cactus with a sombrero and Scottish/Irish accent named McPedro. Yes, you heard that last part correctly.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Fans of The Devil's Panties, as well as any other twenty-to-thirty-something-year-old trying to make it in the world.

PERSONAL NOTES: I've met Danielle Corsetto herself, and as much as she says Hazel is based on herself, she seems quite a bit warmer and less cynical than her cartoon counterpart. Also, the only cactus at her convention table is plush and doesn't talk (at least, not as far as I know...!). The comic is an excellent mix of real-life struggles and wacky surreal antics.

Grrl Power

By Dave Barrack

RATING: R (Sexual situations, implied nudity, one rather explicit sexual image on a bottle of hot sauce, and occasional - but ridiculously massive - strings of swear words)

DESCRIPTION: Sydney is a short, quirky, nerdy girl who co-owns a comic book shop. Then she finds a bunch of magical orbs that give her superpowers. Now she's... well, still a short, quirky, nerdy girl who co-owns a comic book shop, but she's also working with a government agency that employs superheroines! Working two jobs has never been this awesome.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: People who like seeing their favorite comic book characters engaging in witty banter as much as - if not more than - seeing them fight; people who enjoy my comic, but wish the maturity level was kicked up a few notches.

PERSONAL NOTES: The characters are loveable and hilarious... especially Sydney, who has the wackiness of Robin Williams, the "adorkable-ness" of Zooey Deschanel, the tomboyishness of Sarah Silverman, the nerd cred of Seth Green, all rolled up into one girl.

Hero In Training

by Thereisnosaurus

RATING: R (Violence, language, alcoholic references, brief nudity)

910CMX Community Member

DESCRIPTION: Gareth is a true hero... only he doesn't know it. In his dreams, he's being trained by a mysterious cloaked figure, but when he wakes up, he has no memory of this. But the waking world is quickly becoming an even stranger place than in his dreams... mysterious organizations, a genetically altered cat-kid from his best friend's father's lab, and an interdimensional being that looks like he's half-angel and half-demon is only the start of it!

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Someone in the mood for a somewhat more serious comic with sci-fi and fantasy-based themes.

PERSONAL NOTES: You may be intrigued by the fact that this comic takes place in Europe, not in North America, which I believe gives it a bit of a unique style.

Hero oh Hero

by Neorice

RATING: PG-13 (Some violence, one or two instances of strong language)

DESCRIPTION: A strange traveler named Burk roams the land. He is courageous, defends the helpless, fights evil, and is the most skilled fighter in the land. He also seems like he's been hit in the head a couple times too many.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Fans of fantasy, humor, anime, and sprite comics.

PERSONAL NOTES: You may have seen comics made by cut-and-pasting video game sprites into MS Paint, but you haven't seen sprite comics like this! All the sprites are 100% original, made only for this comic. They also show some real detail and artistic talent.


Keinani and Mo'O

by Doug Compton

RATING: PG-13 (Suggestive language, alcoholic references, skimpy outfits/implied nudity)

DESCRIPTION: Keinani fled her volcanic island home as a young child, leaving her stranded as the only human on a strange, new island for twelve years. Befriending the local fauna - most notably an overgrown, ukelele-playing lizard named Mo'O, Keinani is trying to make the best of her unusual situation while she tries to figure out how to get off the island and return to living among people.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: People who liked the premise of Gilligan's Island, but wish it were mostly about a beautiful woman and less about a klutz in a silly sailor hat; people who enjoy the style of Looney Tunes and Tex Avery cartoons.

PERSONAL NOTES: The art is beautiful, and I'm not merely talking about the curvaceous main character. The comic's creator is a professional animator who founded the freelance animation company Karmatoons ( The comic's style feels classic and comfortable, while its content feels fresh and modern.

Meaty Yogurt

by Megan Gedris

RATING: R (Language, sexual situations, drug references, brief nudity)

DESCRIPTION: Jackie Monroe is determined to leave her hometown of Middleville. Because her uncle told her that the land is cursed: everyone born here will die here. Jackie's desire to overcome the curse by making her mark on the world is often sabotaged by her easily-distracted nature, but thankfully her best friend Saffron has her back.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Anyone who's read Megan Gedris' other comics (such as YU+ME Dream and I was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space), anyone who loves a story with a flawed hero, and anyone who loves trying to escape the mundane

PERSONAL NOTES: Although this is one of her more lighthearted stories, it still has richness, depth, and symbolism, making her stories worth a second read-through.


Monster Pop!

by Maya Kern

RATING: PG-13 (Suggestive dialogue, alcohol)

DESCRIPTION: Genevieve "George" Tinsley is a cyclops, going to Unity University - a college where humans and monsters learn together. While she's more of a social butterfly than a bookworm, her hardest lessons aren't in the classroom. In between classes, she has to deal with relationship drama, anti-monster racism, and more.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: People who enjoy slice-of-life comics AND fantasy comics, and are looking for something with elements of both. You may enjoy this if you like Monsterkind (Found in my PG links); both have a similar tone and themes, but Monster Pop! looks at them through the eyes- er, eye - of one young monster girl, rather than a human and his monster friends.

PERSONAL NOTES: Mostly light-hearted with some elements of drama. Tends to do multi-page updates.


Monster Pulse

by MagnoliaPearl

RATING: PG-13 (Violence, body horror)

DESCRIPTION: After a secretive shadow organization unleashes a mysterious force onto the world, any human affected is shocked to discover that a part of their body has split from the rest of them and transformed into a monster. Four brave kids partner up with their monsters - a heart, an eye, hair, and a stomach - in order to learn what this organization is doing, and to protect the populace.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: People who grew up with monster anime/manga (such as Pokemon, Digimon, Monster Rancher, et cetera) but want something a bit more mature.

PERSONAL NOTES: Some cute and funny moments, but it can get very dark at times.


Patrik the Vampire

by Bree Paulsen

RATING: R (Violence, blood, and it's suggested that something really bad happens to a cute kitty cat. One of the two most violent comics on my Links page.)

DESCRIPTION: Patrik (whose name does NOT have a "c" in it) has been a vamire for a long time. A long, long time. He doesn't want to hurt anyone; he's just trying to get by in the modern world. This comic follows his life in 2012, in 1929, and way back in 1291, switching between the three, as we learn what happens when a gentle man is turned into a vampire, and how he deals with powers, bloodlust, loss, guilt, and redemption.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Fans of vampire stories, people who like a healthy mix of comedy and drama

PERSONAL NOTES: There's some pretty gross, bloody stuff here. That would normally make this comic a no-go for me, but despite the violence, the characters are deep and endearing. You can't help but feel for Patrik after all he's endured.

Questionable Content

By Jeph Jacques

RATING: R (Language, violence, sexual situations, alcoholic references)

DESCRIPTION: This comic chronicles the lives of a few unusual individuals who live and love with one another. There's Marten (A passive, indie-rock-loving guy), Faye (A sarcastic, occasionally violent, but actually kind-hearted girl who has some issues to work out), Dora (A "semi-reformed goth" who owns a coffee shop), Pintsize the anthro-PC (Think "personal computer" meets "toy robot") named Pintsize, Hannelore (A sweet-natured genius with serious OCD), and many others. Combining slice-of-life humor, indie-rock pop-culture, and sci-fi, this comic definitely stands out from any other.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Geeks of all types. Science geeks, meme geeks, pop-culture geeks, whatever. You'll enjoy it.

PERSONAL NOTES: There's a good chance that quite a few of the pop-culture references will go over your head. But even then, the comic's use of language and the colorful characters will keep you engaged and laughing. You may also notice funny stuff written on the coffee shop blackboard.

Roomies / It's Walky! / Joyce and Walky

By David Willis

RATING: R (Sexual situations, language, alcohol, violence, a little nudity)

DESCRIPTION: The three initial comics of "The Walkyverse". Roomies was the first comic, which began as a slice-of-life comic about college roommates. Eventually, the comic began to incorporate sci-fi elements and a somewhat darker tone after one character, Joyce, got kidnapped by aliens. That led to the spinoff, It's Walky!, in which Joyce joins Walky and a crew of secret agents, becoming part comedy, part drama, and part sci-fi. Finally, Joyce and Walky takes place after the other two comics, and shows the two title characters settling into civilian life together.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Anyone who loves David Willis' other comics, Dumbing of Age and Shortpacked.

PERSONAL NOTES: All three comics are done (Although I think the last one shows an incomplete archive, requiring you to pay to see the rest of the comics). Be prepared to lose a week or two if you go archive-binging on these addictive comics. You have been warned.


by CD Rudd

RATING: PG-13 (Gender-swapping, violence, sexual situations)

910CMX Community Member

DESCRIPTION: Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite webcomics? According to this comic, there's no drawing involved; it's all about actors playing roles, like for a movie or television show. One actor , a 20-year-old named Brad, wound up taking on a new role for a Sailor Moon fanfic... little did he know that it was a female role, and he'd need to be zapped by a transformation gun, which turned him into a girl named Bay. The studio making the fanfic closed down without turning him back to normal, so now she's stuck as a female, out of work, and living with her 18-year-old daughter from the future who doesn't know that her mom used to be a guy.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Fans of any other 910CMX Webcomic. You'll see quite a few cameos.

PERSONAL NOTES: I hesitate to classify this comic as sci-fi... Science is a source for many of the comic's zany hijinks, but not the focus of the comic, so the sci-fi element is a bit on the lighter side.

SPECIAL KUDOS: CD Rudd allowed me to do a few guest comics for him (See the Fanart by Josh section of the site!), and even put TM in a cameo role.


By David Willis

RATING: R (Sexual situations, language, alcohol, violence, a wave of vomit in one strip)

DESCRIPTION: Another comic set in The Walkyverse, Shortpacked follows the lives of a bunch of toy store employees. It's mostly comedy and relationship drama (With occasional one-shot, pop culture gag comics thrown in), but has brought in some science fiction - and a character or two - from the other Walkyverse comics.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Pop-culture geeks (Especially fans of Transformers, and to a lesser extent, Ninja Turtles, Batman, Star Wars, and several other fandoms), fans of David Willis' other comics.

PERSONAL NOTES: You don't need to have seen David Willis' other comics to enjoy this one, but it helps explain a few things.

Sister Claire

By Yamino and Ash

Rating: R (Occaisional language, violence, sexual situations, brief nudity)

DESCRIPTION: Sister Claire is a shy, kitten-loving nun, as humble as the day is long, when she learns she has immaculately conceived a child from a beautiful angel... who popped out of her toilet. Now Sister Claire finds herself on a journey alongside other nuns with mysterious powers - including a pair of telepathic twins and a woman who appears to be possessed - while on the run from the other nuns who don't understand their gifts, and while stuck in the middle of a war between nuns and witches.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: People who have a sense of humor about religion, fans of fantasy, fans of animation, anyone who wished Sister Act had more action.

PERSONAL NOTES: Despite the action, violence, sexual themes, and the whole theme of religion vs. magic, there is a lot of lightheartedness to it. Many of the characters' designs seem to be influenced by pop culture figures - especially in the realm of animation - but after reading the comic for a while, you begin to see them as their own characters. The art is downright beautiful, and the "Missing Moments" pages between comics add a lot of context to the regular comics.



By KrazyKrow

Rating: R (Language, violence, blood, sexual situations, implied nudity)

DESCRIPTION: Heather Brown was just your average, shy nerd, until an accident in a laboratory gave her spider-powers, including super strength and the ability to shoot webs. The similarities to Peter Parker end there, though; with her powers she gains four extra arms that she can't retract, as well as a bunch of new allies, including the powerful Black Tiger, an anthropomorphic cerberus-woman, the descendent of Anne of Green Gables, a time-traveling Benjamin Franklin, and her love interest, Mecha-Maid!

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Anyone who likes their superheroes to have as much comedy as action, fans of Spider-Man

PERSONAL NOTES: I don't know enough about Spider-Man to be certain as to whether Spinnerette began as a Spider-Man parody or homage, but either way, this little spider spun into her own unique world, where the heroes and villains alike just ooze personality. There's some drama and plenty of action, but the comedy and characters take center stage.

Star Power

By Michael "Mookie" Terracciano and Garth Graham

RATING: PG-13 (Violence, language, one incident of implied nudity)

DESCRIPTION: It's the future, and a young human girl named Danica is on a space station, studying the stars. One of the stars - whom she's dubbed "Mitch" - grants her amazing superpowers, bestowing upon her the title of Star-Powered Sentinel. Now the last member of an order of superpowered guardians, it's up to Danica - nicknamed Star Power - to fight against the forces of evil.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Fans of sci-fi and superheroes; fans of Mookie's other comic, Dominic Deegan, Oracle for Hire.

PERSONAL NOTES: While this comic has a drastically different look and tone from Dominic Deegan, it still has an excellent mix of humor and action. It feels like reading an episode of Justice League Unlimited - classic superhero fun with loveable heroes, deep-but-loathable villains, and excellent character design.


By Tom Fischbach

RATING: PG-13 (Violence, language, sexual situations)

DESCRIPTION: This story begins with a man who has lost his memory - a man named Trace. He finds himself in a magical world inhabited by humans as well as sentient, animal-like races known as Keidrans (Which resemble anthropomorphic tigers, wolves, and other animals) and Basitians (Which resemble anthropomorphic... dog-rabbit-thingies...). It seems that in this world, there is much warring and strife between these races, and Trace's former life is heavily mired in this conflict. But Trace doesn't realize this as he sets off on a journey with two Keidrans and a Basitian, and falls in love with one of them...!

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: People who enjoy - or can look past - anthropomorphic animals in a comic; fans of comics with a fantasy setting.

PERSONAL NOTES: Some light-hearted moments, some drama, and a lot of plot points centered around the themes of prejudice and racism.


By Alina Pete

RATING: PG-13 (Violence, language, mild sexual situations, scary moments)

DESCRIPTION: In the dark of night when the full moon glows bright, the dice call out to unsuspecting souls, causing them to release their raging inner fan and become... weregeeks! Follow the story of a group of friends who engage in role-playing games, but be aware that the line between fantasy and reality can become blurred...

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Fans of geek culture in any form, including (but not limited to) gamers, role-players, larpers, Whedon fans, vampire fans, sci-fi fans, fantasy fans, Trekkies, Warsies, bronies, card-players... and Methodists! (Okay, that last one was a Blazing Saddles quote)

PERSONAL NOTES: As the main characters enjoy role-playing, you'll find that comic switches between the various stories that they play out. A vampire storyline may stop, and then a Star Wars-related storyline that had previously begun may start up again. As a result, this comic tells stories differently from any other webcomic out there.

The Wotch

by Anne Onymous and Robin Ericson

RATING: PG-13 (Gender-swapping, violence, sexual implications)

910CMX Community Founder

DESCRIPTION: This one time, at band camp, there was a girl and a flute. No, it's not that kind of story; the flute was magic, and it imbued her with the powers of the Wotch (Like a witch but more powerful). With her best friends Robin and Jason - two guys who are the only ones who know of her magical identity - she struggles to gain control over her powers and discover the purpose of the Wotch. Of course, lots of wacky adventures ensue - as does a surprising amount of gender-swapping.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Fans of magic and fantasy; people who don't mind gender-swapping (especially fans of El Goonish Shive - see above;, people who are looking for a decent, funny, and clever first webcomic to get into; people who want to get into the 910CMX Community

PERSONAL NOTES: Heck... this is the comic that started the 910CMX Community. Anne's the Mickey Mouse to the community's Disney Corporation. The Mario to their Nintendo. You get the idea. A must-read for people who want to be a part of 910CMX.

SPECIAL KUDOS: Creators Anne and Robin let me do two April Fool's Day fillers with Cannon pranking Jason. More importantly, Robin gave forum head-honcho Thom Khatt the green light to let me join the community. Thanks, dude!

The Wotch: Cheer!

by Tselsebar

RATING: PG-13 (Sexual situations, minor violence, one or two gender-swapping incidents, one incident of implied nudity)

910CMX Community Member


DESCRIPTION: A spin-off comic from The Wotch, this comic features four cheerleaders who - unbeknownst to all but one of them - are under a spell (I won't say what it is, though... read The Wotch to find out!). Alex, Jo, Lita, and Sam have a lot of adventures, but seem to be only slightly aware that their school and town are home to forces they've yet to comprehend. A nice mix of semi-realistic, high school drama/comedy and fantasy elements. And cheerleaders.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Fans of magic and fantasy; fans of The Wotch; people who want to see cheerleaders in a comic who are NOT airheads or snobby members of the popular clique

PERSONAL NOTES: Although I recommend reading The Wotch before this comic, it's not a prerequisite (But it does clear up some jokes and introduce some characters). Despite being a spin-off and sharing some characters, Tselsebar's writing and drawing styles give the comic a much different feel that's worth checking out.

SPECIAL KUDOS: Tselsebar and I have drawn fanart for one another on quite a few occasions. Jo and Lita have even cameoed in a canonical Heroes of C.R.A.S.H. comic.



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