Here's a listing of many other webcomics that I enjoy, and that you might like too!

Each one is given a brief description and a maturity rating. Heed the maturity ratings! Quite frankly, there aren't a lot of G-Rated webcomics out there these days, which is why this page is so short. A lot of webcomic artists get into webcomics because their comic content is too mature for newspapers. I was hoping to find more comics for this section, but in actuality, I've taken some off because the comics actually ended. As a result, I have but three comics listed... all of which are by the same artist (Albeit an amazingly talented one, but still only one). Oh well... maybe I'll find more comics for this section someday. In the meantime, the comics shown below are still awesome, and shouldn't break your fragile little psyche.



By Samantha "Boum" Leriche-Gionet

PG (Slight language, implied nudity, toilet humor)

DESCRIPTION: A journal comic about a freelance animator from Canada with her love/programming partner Pierre-Luc and their daughter, Margot. This comic is also available in French, if you're interested.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Fans of The Devil's Panties, especially those who want to show a similar comic to their friends without all the rated-R material

PERSONAL NOTES: A cute slice-of-life comic that proves that truth is stranger than fiction... and Samantha's dreams are stranger than either. I never realized one person could have so many unusual dreams about toilets.

Brawl in the Family

by Matthew Taranto and Chris Seward

RATING: G (Minor, cartoonish violence)


DESCRIPTION: This video game comic mainly follows a gag-a-day format, with occasional storyline comics thrown in. Its cast of characters are mainly from the Nintendo franchise (As well as a few non-Nintendo characters that appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl), but there seems to be a lot of focus on Kirby, Metaknight, and King Dedede.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Fans of video games. Especially if those video games are Nintendo games. Especially if those Nintendo games are Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

PERSONAL NOTES: I've been meaning to add this comic to my links page for a while, so it seems a shame that I'm finally getting around to it the day after the next-to-final comic has been posted. *Sad groan* Matthew also has a YouTube page where he's posted musical versions of some of his comics, and he's also successfully kickstarted a musical Wii U game called Tadpole Treble. Check 'em out!

Kevin and Kell

By Bill Holbrook

Rating: PG (Incidents of carnivores eating prey species are frequent occurances, but typically off-panel)

DESCRIPTION: He's a rabbit. She's a wolf. They're married, in a world where prejudice is not based on race or religion, but by diet. Thus a predator species and prey species being married is looked on as odd. Still, this couple does their best to hold their family - consisting of brainy daughter Lindesfarne (An adopted hedgehog), typical teen son Rudy (A wolf from Kell's previous marriage), and infant daughter Coney (A carnivorous bunny) - together in a judgemental world.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Fans of Bill Holbrook's other comics (Also listed on this page), fans of family/office/animal humor, fans of sci-fi

PERSONAL NOTES: A lot of the comedy stems from animal behaviors, especially the food chain, as the foundation of this comic's society is founded primarily on diet. This unique viewpoint gives the comic a fresh perspective that no other comic seems to have.

Love and Capes

By Thom Zahler

Rating: G (Rare, subtle suggestive moments)

DESCRIPTION: Like most superheroes, the Crusader has to battle against the forces of evil, but sometimes the greatest challenges are those in one's personal life. This romantic comedy comic is mainly seen through the eyes of Abby, the Crusader's non-powered love interest, shifting the focus away from actual superheroics and giving us a glimpse into the everyday life of a superhero, and the woman who loves him.

I'd RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: People who enjoyed the show Lois and Clark, people who prefer more light-hearted superhero stories, rom-com fans

PERSONAL NOTES: I actually saw Thom's artwork in one of my drawing books, the Colossal Collection of Action Poses, long before I discovered his comic. Despite the lack of fighting in Love and Capes, Thom knows how to make use of superhero poses, and it shows in the comic.

On the Fastrack

By Bill Holbrook

Rating: G

DESCRIPTION: This comic typically centers on the corporation Fastrack Inc. and the quirky people who work there, but it also looks at Wendy and Art - a married couple who both work at the company - and their children Patina and Rusty. In recent years it has also begun to shift a good portion of its focus onto newcomer Dethany - a rather cheery goth (Not the oxymoron one might think!) to whom Wendy seems to serve as a mentor.

I'd RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Fans of Bill Holbrook's other comics (Also listed on this page), fans of office/corporate/computer/goth/family humor

PERSONAL NOTES: I've been reading this comic in newspapers since I was a little kid. It's been going on for over two decades and still going strong!

Safe Havens

By Bill Holbrook

Rating: G

DESCRIPTION: Taking place in the same universe as On the Fasttrack (There's a few rare instances of character crossover and even rarer instances of intersecting storylines), this comic mostly focuses on Samantha Argus, college professor and budding genetic researcher. With a mother who's a politician, a basketball-playing fiancee living in Italy, a magic ring that lets her communicate with her dead grandmother through mirrors, a genetically altered cat, a family of dodo birds, and lab assistants that are frequent victims (not always unwillingly) of gene manipulation, Samantha finds herself among one of the most colorful and unusual in mainstream newspaper comics.

I'D RECOMMEND THIS COMIC TO: Fans of Bill Holbrook's other comics (Also listed on this page), fans of fantasy/sci-fi/family humor

PERSONAL NOTES: Another Bill Holbrook comic that's been in newspapers since I was little. Heck; when I started reading, the main character - currently a college professor - was still in elementary school! Yes, unlike the cast of Peanuts, the characters in this comic really DO age.


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