Commissioned Fanart

Here's some art for me that I commissioned from fellow artists. In other words, I paid for other artists to draw these pictures of my characters while at conventions. Hey, artists need to make a living, folks! Especially in this economy. And especially webcomic artists.

Some Perry Awesome Art by Fred Perry

You may be familiar with the art of Fred Perry, the man behind the comic book series Gold Digger (Which I highly recommend to older comic book readers), among other projects. Well, at Katsucon of 2006, I commissioned a picture from him. Check out Belt Boy and Cannon, looking unbelievably awesome in this picture! You don't get much more heroic than this, folks!

The Mighty Titanium Maiden by Darin Brown

At Wizard World Philly in 2008, I got to meet up with Thom "Katt" Revor Jr. and Darin Brown; the writer and artist (respectively) behind the webcomic Crossworlds (Check my links page!) . Darin Brown is no stranger to drawing buffer-looking women, and Titanium Maiden was, at the time, the only member of my main trio that hasn't been featured in commissioned art. It was only natural that I make a commission request... the results speak for themselves. In the language of AWESOMENESS. I've got a black-and-white copy here and a big, high-quality black-and-white copy (Which Darin used to color the picture) right here.

Toony Heroes of C.R.A.S.H. by JWCartoonist

My first commission in a long while... and only TECHNICALLY a commission, as my prize for winning JW's "name a character" contest was a free commission of up to three characters.  Naturally, I chose Belt Boy, Cannon, and Titanium Maiden.  I've modeled my comic after classic toons, but JW managed to dial up the tooniness to 11!  Be sure to visit his webcomic, Think Ink, which has even more Toontown-style wackiness!


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