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1/7/17 - The Comics Return!

Hey, everyone! Hope you had a good holiday season, and that you enjoyed my fillers. But now, it's time for canonical comics to make a comeback!

By the way, if you read my New Year's announcement from last year, you probably heard about my Daily Drawings, in which I would do a new drawing every day and post it to social media (and do bonus drawings if I missed an update!). Well, now that 2016's over, I'm no longer doing Daily Drawings. I'm gonna focus on improving my writing in 2017, instead. I still plan on doing a few bonus Daily Drawings to make up for days lost during holiday break, though. And who knows... I could always just do a drawing for fun!

If you missed out on my Daily Drawings, check out my Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook! I highly recommend searching for the keyword "Daily Drawing" in my Tumblr blog if you just want to look at Daily Drawings and nothing else. Enjoy! And do whatever you can to make 2017 a good year!

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