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7/14/18 - Fan Art Page Update!

This past week , I got some brand new fan art from two artists! The first was from an artist by the Twitter handle of "BigNoseBug". A storyboard artist for the upcoming Thundercats cartoon, she participated in Twitter's "Draw in Your Style" hashtag, which had artists drawing each other's original characters, reinterpreted in their own artistic style. She did her own version of Cannon, which looks pretty awesome!

The second picture was from Ken Bailey, who had previously won my birthday fan art contest a few months ago with his drawing of Titanium Maiden alongside his own superheroine, EnergyGirl. This time, he tackled Belt Boy in his signature retro style, perfectly nailing his gleaming "optimistic boy scout" grin. He looks ready to stop a bank robbery while saving kittens from a tree!

I was quite grateful and knew I had to add these wonderful pieces of fan art to my site's Fan Art page... which was when I realized I'd neglected this page for some time. With determination and a rare moment of free time, I managed to update the Fan Art page with new descriptions and image previews for several pictures I've received. Take a look and see what's new!

Also, if you enjoy webcomics like mine, you should keep on showing your support for Net Neutrality. The Congressional Review Act has gone through the Senate, now it needs to go through the House of Representatives. Keep calling, writing, faxing, and e-mailing your reps to support the CRA and save Net Neutrality!

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