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5/18/19 - We're Back!

I didn't want to say anything and jinx it until I got something online, but I got a new external hard drive, and I managed to free up enough space to get things working better. And so I have a new comic up, just before my birthday! Having my comic working again is something I definitely wanted for my birthday. Of course, entries for my annual Birthday Fan Art Contest are a close second! If you're reading this on Saturday the 18th or Sunday the 19th, you still have time to submit to my contest, so get drawing! I also haven't gotten any avatars for the Generated Category, so if you want to score some free art easy, you might want to give that category a shot!

Speaking of my contest... Ken Baily won last year with his awesome picture of Titanium Maiden alongside his own creation, EnergyGirl (and drew TM and E-Girl again for funsies this year, even though it's not eligible for any prizes) and got to choose the next HoC desktop: my heroes playing with model trains. YOU could be the one who wins this year's grand prize! All valid entries will receive art in return, so have fun! Click the button below for the official rules!

Speaking of superhero fan art and contests, I want to remind you that in December, the Collective of Heroes held a Secret Santa, with a contest to hunt down pictures of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. While that contest is concluded, you can still see the drawing I made for Jeff Langcaon (Creator of Henchmen for Hire) and the fan art I received from Dan Butcher (Creator of Vanguard). Enjoy!

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